Up to 9 Miles!

[Some snapshots from today's run: Lake Miramar, my Asics, a great song to run to, and my snacks of choice]

The half-marathon is in 3 weeks (eeek!), and today I made it to 9 miles! Although I love the challenge, I never anticipated how much training would affect my body. In addition to the aches and pains I had at the beginning of my training, I have now been having trouble breathing. I visited the doctor and hope to be better, but all this running is taking its toll! Vitamin Water and Powerade have also become my best friends, because the electrolytes have helped counter some nausea I was feeling after running. Nausea + aches + gasping for air = no fun. But I feel such accomplishment when I'm done that's I think it's all worth it.

I'm also just 6 weeks away from graduation. When I was getting married, all I could think about was the day of the wedding (July 3rd). Anything else after that just seemed non-existent. I have that same feeling about graduation. I just keep working toward that first week in June and I can't think beyond that. All in good time...and once graduation is over, I'm up for the next challenge! 

I know I've been absent, but trust me, my life is very boring right now...hence the lack of posts. My life can basically be summed up by school, career, running, cuddling with the boy. Career, running, cuddling with the boy, school. Cuddling with the boy, school, running, career. 

And sometimes I sleep. :)

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