Today is my birthday

[From the hilarious My Mom is a Fob]

Today is my birthday. Some years my Mom remembers, many times she doesn't, and we once had an argument about my age. Apparently, I do not know how old I am--"Are you suure you are that old? Eh, I can never remember, mommy getting old, too much to think about!" 

This is why this post on My Mom is a Fob made me almost PEE MY PANTS from laughter.


Here's to year 28!

. . . I think. :)


We're Off!

[Heart Balloon print from Etsy seller elgarboart]

We're off to Santa Fe on Saturday! I am so happy to have a long weekend together. We're both so exhausted most days that it will be nice to spend quality time with each other in a beautiful place. Plus, we've planned a hot air balloon ride that I, and my camera, are over the top giddy about.

The bad news in this post is that the boy caught a cough. We got him some hot soup at lunch and then he went home to rest, so I hope he feels back to normal in a couple days. Poor boy. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! *See* you all when I make it back to California, full recaps to follow.


Out with the mold, in with the new

 [White sandals from Aldo, Red striped wedges from TOMS, Calina flats from Lovely People]

I'm going to tell you something gross. In our old apartment (thank goodness we moved) the bathroom was connected to the bedroom. It also had poor ventilation, so a lot of steam from the bathroom would linger in the bedroom, making our closet (dun dun DUN) damp...which then led to (dramatic pause)...mold. I know. Really, really gross.

As a result, many of my shoes were sacrificed. I saved my wedding shoes and cleaned them with tea tree oil and left them in the sunlight, but many of my other shoes were just too gross to wear again.

Recently I treated myself to way too many new pairs, which left a dent in my bank account. But on the upside, I'm ready for summer (and vacation!) now. :)

Anyone else wanna go to the beach with me?


I Caved: Follow Me on Pinterest!

[You can find me on Pinterest here.]

I have too many online personalities. TOO MANY I tell you! So, for many months, I ignored all the buzz about Pinterest. And then last night, after seeing my invite from Mochi Studios, I thought, hey, why not? And, well, now I am OBSESSED. I don't have much up there yet, but I foresee months ahead in which I get wrapped up in curating my boards. 

If you want a quick dose of happiness, check out Mochi Studio's prism board here. It'll make you smile. :)

Do you feel like you have too many online accounts? Are you as insanely obsessed with the Internet as I am?


What Am I?

A new intern started in the office, and my coworker introduced me. Usually when I'm introduced at work, my job description follows right after: "This is Mo, she sits over there in the cave and does x, y and z" and it's gotta sound like the most boring thing in the world. I generally don't like telling people what I do because I feel like it takes too long to explain and I can't bare the response of head nodding and "ohhhhhhhhhhh" or, my favorite response ever, "that's it?"

(Seriously. Someone once said that. If you're reading this and you know me, don't worry. It wasn't you.)

Ok back to my story. SO, new intern in office, my coworker is making introductions, and she says, "This is Mo. She's an artist." And then I protested, something along the lines of "Oh, no, I'm not an artist," and then coworker insisted "But you make things. And you work on the art for our company."  These are both true. Does this make me an artist?

Instead I said, "No, I'm not an artist, I just do x, y, and z." Well, I just basically made myself sound so much more boring. I probably should have left it to my coworker to describe me. This happens when someone calls me a photographer, I'll qualify it by saying "I'm not a photographer, I take pictures." When I was doing production design, I'd correct someone if I was called a graphic designer. "I'm not a designer, I just do the production work."

So, when I am I going to feel comfortable enough to call myself something? I'm not even that comfortable calling myself my own title, and that's stamped on a business card. I'm eager to finally feel like I belong in a profession, rather than feeling like I'm sort of in the club. Artist? Eh, no. Photographer? Mmmmm...naw. Graphic designer? Only for my wedding.


I think can handle that one.

Does anyone feel this way too?


Calendars Around the Apartment

[paperflavor Year of the Rabbit magnetic calendar--goes great on my white magnet file holder!]

[Paper Source mini desk calendar and vintage travel poster desk calendar]

I managed to clean a crazy amount this weekend (it also helped that my grandmother was visiting, heh) and as I was sifting through the mountains of stuff, I realized I have a whole lot of calendars. We have one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and three in the office...y'know, just in case anyone forgets what day it is or wants to see cute animals.

In other apartment news, I think we've come to a consensus for a wall decal! It's going to come right out of our couch, like this:

 [The Trip by Michelle Lasalvia via Blik Design]

Cute, no? I love the hand drawn look and hope it adds some whimsy to our otherwise boring living room.

Do you have an obsession with calendars or wall decals like I do?



The Shabby Apple Winner!

Congratulations to...
[You can read e.louise's blog here]

I hope you enjoy your new dress and wear it on a fun date with your husband. :)

Thank you to everyone for participating!


Happy Sunday!

[I've been eating blueberries like a mad woman.]

Hope everyone is enjoying the last day of the weekend! If you haven't already entered the Shabby Apple giveaway, you have until 1:30 PM PST today when I close comments.

It's a lovely day in San Diego. Today has already been made wonderful by a lovely breakfast at Hash House with Brandi. And for the remainder of my restful day, I'm taking a run around the lake and cleaning house. Hope you have something equally relaxing in store for yourself!


When I Finish the School Year, I'm Going To...

...do a bunch of stuff I have been neglecting! Those of you who follow me know I've been struggling to work full-time and do grad school part-time. Last year, I also had the wedding to plan, so when I finished the school year last year it was like wedding go-time. I had one goal in the month of June 2010--get everything done without going insane.

I unfortunately thankfully don't have to worry about planning a wedding this year, and on Saturday I finally finished my last project! I fell asleep at 11 last night, and today I leisurely shopped then worked out and actually cooked my dinner. It was surreal.

SO now that I'll have my nights and weekends free again, here's what's on my to-do list:

+Make my wedding album! I know, it's been (almost!) a year and I don't even have a wedding album. I really want to take the time to make this as I love making books, so this will be my summer project.

+And, if that's not embarrassing enough, I still need to make my sister's wedding album! TWO YEARS LATER. I know, I'm terrible.

+Work out and eat my vegetables. I've run six days in a row now and already feel better.

+In April, we moved into a new apartment. I'm so happy in our new place, but there were things we moved and just left in their boxes. I'm determined to unpack and clean everything this summer, and maybe throw in some decorating.

+Finally, I'm still researching for our anniversary/birthday/regenerate mini-vacation to Santa Fe! We're totally counting the days (20!)

What's in store for you this summer? Does anyone have any Santa Fe tips for me??


For the Love of Dresses: Shabby Apple Giveaway--CLOSED

This post brought to you by: 1. my summer break from school (insert happy dancing here), 2. my love of dresses, and 3. Shabby Apple! Shabby Apple has a lot of women's dresses right up my, your, and Emma Pilsbury's alley. Bows, ruffles, flowers, stripes, polka dots, bright colors, and vintage cuts galore. Here are some of their dresses that make me happy:

[Candy cane stripes and gondola-inspired goodness: Circo and Gondola]

[Classic black and white polka dots and a bright sailor's dress: Jacob's Pillow and Walk the Plank]

[The North Shore dress from Shabby Apple]

The fun part of this post--a giveaway!

Enter to win the North Shore dress (above) from Shabby Apple. You can enter two ways:
1. Leave a comment telling me where you would wear the dress and how you would accessorize it.
2. "Like" Shabby Apple on Facebook and leave a comment here telling me you did.
::Sorry, only U.S. residents are eligible!::
I'll pick a winner next Sunday and announce the winner on Monday!

The description for the dress says you can wear it to the beach or dress it up to go out, and since I love dressing up, I'd pair it with gold heels, a really simple gold clutch, small pearl earrings, and then I'd wear a statement ring like the ones below:

And finally, if you're looking to buy any Shabby Apple items, use this code, good for 10% off: pinkargyle10off.

Good luck my friends, hope you all had fantastic weekends!


Blogger Missed Connection

Remember I went to go see the Tim Burton exhibit?

Guess who also went to see the Tim Burton exhibit, and was standing in line RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. 

No, not Tim Burton. Someone much prettier with a cooler wedding.

miss.t of ...and that's why I love you so !
 [Wasn't she a striking bride? Photo by White Haute Photography and Ohana Photographers via Style Me Pretty]

Can you believe that we just happened to be in the same line, on the same day, right next to each other, after following each others' blogs? Makes me realize just how small our blogosphere really is!

Have you ever recognized other bloggers outside the comforts of your computer?

[You can find miss.t blogging here and see her wedding photos on Style Me Pretty here.]


When Clothes Don't Fit

[Huzzah! The comment box is back!]

Do you remember that bathing suit? Well, I couldn't even get it over my thighs (commence violin playing.) To be fair to myself and women everywhere trying this particular suit on, there is boning in the bust, making it impossible to fit over hips that might be larger than one's bust. Since my hips are way bigger than my rib cage and I didn't want to risk ripping the suit, back it went to the store. Le sigh.

On that note, yesterday I started on my diet kick again--about a month before our summer vacation and my cousin's wedding. It does not help that things like this pop up on NPR::Kitchen:

I've gained the newlywed nine and am trying to make it the newlywed four. I'm amazed at how many people tell me five pounds is nothing, when it takes me six-eight weeks of eating much, much less than I'm capable of and exercising four-five times a week.

Is anyone else dieting in time for summer? That nutella looks good, doesn't it?

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