My First 5 Miles!

[Poster from Rebel Rose Design]

Yesterday, I ran five miles without walking!!! I've never done that before, so when I saw the 4 1/2 marker on the trail, I was so excited. Generally when I run, I'll get to the 2 or even the 1 1/2 marker and say "OK! Well, that was great, time to walk a little." I'm also thankful that my knee and back and shoulder (did I leave any body parts out?) no longer hurt, so I feel this surge of confidence. Half marathon. I can do this.

I'm also scouting other locations for my runs and will report back--looks like there are some pretty amazing trail runs in San Diego that I am unaware of.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! xo



Free Printable Monogram

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An Early Valentine's Day

We celebrated an early Valentine's Day/Galentine's Day (which was really just an excuse to go out and have a fancy date,) at Market in Del Mar. The lighting in there was super dim--great for romance, bad for photos. So, I only got a couple, including one of this delicious dessert that tasted just like a candy bar with fancy ingredients.

[YUM.  Peanut Crunch (aka, caramel corn), Chocolate Mousse Cake, Caramelized Bananas. And look, they knew I was coming! An "M" for Mo.]

Earlier in the day, I treated myself to a massage for my ailing back at Bergamot Spa. My back is getting better, but I'm still resting before I go out and train again. Bergamot is a really cute place next to the ocean, and I recommend it if you're looking for a spa to do a bridal shower, baby shower, a bachelorette, or if you're like me and had nothing to do on a Sunday morning--it's pretty much nice and tranquil for anything, and super, super cute.

 [Bergamot Spa in Encinitas]

It was a really nice and peaceful weekend. I wish I had more of them. 



Updates on Life and Running

[Me on the trail at San Elijo Lagoon]

Wow, thank you so much for everyone's support on my last post about the half marathon! I'm inspired by all your experiences and advice. It seems I inspired my sister, so she signed up too! And to add to the half marathon love, my cousin also signed up for one in San Francisco. And, if that wasn't enough, my good friend who very rarely runs decided to go out and do a mile! I'm just spreading the get out and run love, sigh.

Thanks to Abby, I printed out the Hal Higdon Novice Training Program and am using it as guidance.

Training is already kicking my butt. Since I posted, it's been a little tricky training because 

+I got sick and couldn't stop coughing for a couple weeks. No fun. Lots of spitting. :(

+My knee hurt, but now my knee is better (yay!!) after going to the Road Runner store and getting some new Asics.  I also got some custom insoles and thick socks--all in all, it was a very expensive trip to the Road Runner store!

+My back REALLY hurt, and now only mildly hurts. This is partially my fault because I went out running when it only mildly hurt, and then it REALLY hurt after my 5 mile long run. We're talking aches down my arm and pains in multiple places kind of pain. There was one morning when I just couldn't move. While we were still in bed, the boy was sleeping on top of my hair, so when the alarm went off I lunged my head forward. And because he was on top of my hair, my neck jerked back and I just yelped out like a baby. OWWWWWW! 

Luckily, I have a massage scheduled at Spa Bergamot tomorrow morning and I am SO looking forward to it!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful V-Day and great weekend.


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