Sarah Perlis

[Three Bezel Ring; Pink Sapphire and Rosecut Diamond Ring; Oval Bezel Ring; all images and jewelry from Sarah Perlis]

The Boy and I are spending Thanksgiving in New York with my sis and her boy, and I already have a long list of things I would like to do. We are planning to go to Mario Batali's restaurant, Babbo...hit up Cafe Lalo, one of my favorite places to eat dessert...visit the Met and listen to the kid audio tours...and, drum roll please, check out some of the gorgeous rings by Sarah Perlis.


Take note that I am not engaged, but they are still fun to look at and drool over while I pretend to do work. And they are going to be even more fun to look at in person!

Sarah Perlis is awesome because her jewelry uses recycled gold and rough uncut diamonds that are responsibly mined and resourced from a company in Sierra Leone that focuses on environmental responsibility and ethical working conditions. For more information about her awesomeness, read more about it here.


Ananda Khalsa

[Necklaces by Ananda Khalsa, images from Clay Pot]

These pieces are so whimsical and pretty. They are like little paintings you can string around your neck, and I love the Asian influence and delicate details. So pretty.
Check out more art to string around neck here: http://www.anandakhalsa.com/08/gallery/index.php.


Jeff Koons, Your Puppy Made My Day

[Jeff Koons, Puppy. In front of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, front view, by Flickr user Marc Hodges; side view by Flickr user Turkinator]

I got up really early and the first thing I did was buy a gigantic non-fat mocha from the coffee cart, and then my fingers began typinglikethisreallyfastandreallyloud so that everyone could hear my tap tap tapping in the office. Needless to say, I was really productive this morning...even though my hands kept shaking.
I calmed down a little more when I plugged my ears with my headphones and started on some of my photo requests. One of them was for a dog. After looking at rescue dogs, dog sleds, dog houses, and dogs with cats cuddling, Jeff Koons' Puppy popped up during my photo research. And after that I didn't really feel like giving any other dog a chance. I just wanted to stare at Jeff Koons' work all day. 10% because I got lazy after being super productive, but really 90% because I love Jeff Koons.

Check out Jeff Koons here: http://www.jeffkoons.com/site/index.html.


I'm Back.

[Me and my itty bitty niece]

I did some thinking about PA's future, and I have decided to keep it but think of it more as my personal blog---which can still include crafts I do, things I eat, shows I see, and other big things happening in my little life. But, I realize that I need another outlet devoted to something more related to my professional life. I'm working on another blog name revolved around children's books (content, design, and illustration,) but I keep hitting roadblocks, especially since time these days is hard to come by. I have yet to come up with anything catchy. I've had a lot on my plate since the beginning of the summer which is hindering my brainstorming sessions.

So, here's to the slightly modified Pink Argyle! Your regular girl geek just getting excited about pretty things in life. All my book obsessions will be moved to a new location---to be determined.

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