Tim Burton at LACMA

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In addition to the yummy eats last weekend, we also went to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA. It was the first day for non-members, and we stood in a lot of lines, but I'm glad we went. It was incredible to see the mass of work Tim Burton has created. There are rooms just filled with his sketches, paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos--all the way from his childhood, up until his most recent work.

I highly recommend the exhibit, particularly for any art students, because it's an inspirational look at a living person's life's work. You get to see leaflets and posters Burton designed as a teen, his essays he wrote in junior high English composition, his art history papers from CalArts, his first book proposal to Disney--it really makes you realize just how much work he put in to become what he is today. 

They wouldn't let anyone take photos, so I unfortunately I couldn't take any inside, but there was this fun inflatable piece set to Burton-esque ("na na na na na na") music at the very end.

[Clockwise from top left: promotional poster of Untitled (The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories); a balloon piece at the end of the exhibit; a balloon piece outside; a deer topiary from Edward Scissorhands]

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the museum, as this was our first visit. I love, love, LOVE this Matisse.  You can read all about the museum acquisition of Matisse's La Gerbe here
[Love the colors, can you tell from my outfit? :)]

It was just another lovely Southern California day. 
Hope you all had great weekends and that they were just as cheerful as that Matisse!


Comment Problems

Well, okay, maybe it isn't blogger's fault, maybe it's my fault, BUT thanks to Julia for alerting me that my blog is going haywire. For some reason the comment boxes are not showing up, so I unfortunately can't get any feedback from anyone. Commenting will hopefully commence soon!

Weekend Eats

We spent yesterday in L.A. at LACMA (more on that in the next post!) and also tried out some places we've been wanting to go to: dim sum restaurant Lunasia in Alhambra, and ultra trendy but ultra tasty Umami Burger (we went to the Santa Monica location and got take-out.)

Both didn't disappoint! Dim sum is our comfort food, and Lunasia was better than anything we could get in San Diego. On our way home, the boy let out a big sigh. "I miss good dim sum."

Sorry San Diego.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!


A Club 33/Disneyland Bachelorette

This is my cousin Daisy (she's the one wearing the bridal ears!) She's getting married in 5 short weeks in beautiful San Francisco, and this weekend her bridesmaids surprised her with a bachelorette weekend extravaganza in Southern California. I had the pleasure of joining them for a lavish and fun day at Club 33 and Disneyland! Her girls went all out, making us custom screen printed tank tops, getting matching Minnie ears for us all, and coordinating all the details--including inviting me as a surprise! It was a much needed escape from my really boring enriching homework and long days at work. 

Thank you Daisy and friends for letting me come along for the ride! Wanna see some pictures?

[Our group of girls all Disney-fied and full from a large and delicious meal at Club 33. Photo from Rita of Mochi Studios--who also makes ADORABLE plushies!]

[Club 33 is a private members-only restaurant in New Orleans Square at the Anaheim Disneyland park. We were able to get a reservation because Daisy's (other) cousin is a member and had the hook-up for us! Inside, it is decked out in Victorian decorations and Pirates of the Caribbean art. It also had this really weird toilet below.]

 [Funky Victorian toilet in the ladies room]

[It was a dessert/salad buffet and then we had different options for the main course. I chose the filet mignon and then felt like sleeping in there from food coma. Mmm...dessert buffet...]

 [The staff brought out this sweet dessert plate, complete with chocolate ganache Mickey!]

We spent the rest of the day frolicking around the park, soaking in the magic, swapping stories, and documenting the whole kit n' caboodle. It's so fun to take pictures when you have such a colorful scene like this one.

Congratulations Daisy--can't wait for the wedding on July 2nd!

[Side note: Ok readers, I only have one more week until the second year of library school is over and then I am officially on summer break! You'll hopefully be seeing a lot more of me soon. In the meantime, give me the strength to finish this quarter up so I can spend more time having days just like this.]


Huzzah! 20% off + free shipping at JCrew Swim

All women's and children's swimwear is 20% off and free shipping until Wednesday. It was the push to make me buy that orange swimsuit (which J. Crew calls "vivid poppy") that I've been drooling over.

[Ruched and knotted twist front tank from J. Crew]

Anyone else shopping for a swimsuit as the summer draws nearer?


Beautiful SF Day

[Dolores Park, San Francisco]

We were scheduled to have my sister's baby shower in the park. The forecast called for rain, and since it's San Francisco, I believed it. Instead, we had blue skies, sun, big, puffy clouds, and PIE.

[Pear Frangipane Tart from Mission Pie]

[L: My two pregnant sisters! R: Us enjoying the park]

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Becoming Mothers

[Flowers after my hike at Lake Miramar yesterday]

Today, my sisters and I celebrate our own mother, while also looking ahead to growing our families and being mothers ourselves. My oldest sister is already a mother to my sassy and beautiful niece, but is expecting her second in just a short month. If that weren't enough excitement, my middle sister is also expecting her first within ten days of my other sister! TEN DAYS. Could you imagine if they were born on the same day?! I wish I could be there, but will see my beautiful nephews in good time this summer!

To celebrate, next week we're having two baby showers with plenty of food, family, friends, and pie. It's gonna be all kinds of fun. 

On that note, the boy and I are not trying to conceive until he's done with his PhD and I'm done with library school, but lately I find myself curious about trying to conceive and pregnancy, even though I know it's a couple years away. If it takes me six months to plan a 3-day vacation and 18 months to plan a wedding, a couple years of reading about pregnancy sounds about right! In the meantime, I'm told by my brother-in-law that I can practice by being a good auntie. 

Happy Mother's Day my blogger friends. Hope it was wonderful! 


Help Me Pick A Color

[Ruched and knotted twist-front tank from J. Crew]

Bathing suits give me anxiety. I'm just glad one-piece suits are back in style so I don't have to wade through all of the two-piece options to figure out what would cover my butt the most but still look stylish.
I really want a new suit before our vacation, and I have my eye on this one. The strapless option gives it a bit more sex appeal for a one-piece, and I'm loving all of these saturated colors.

Which color do you think would look best on me?


Looking Like Your Partner

[What do you think? We look related, don't we?]

Maybe it was love at first sight because we look so similar. Not only do the boy and I have similar facial features, but we're also of similar height and weight. When we met, I wasn't keeping my eye out for another me. In fact, knowing me and my quest to be distinguishable from everyone around me, I was probably looking for my exact opposite. But, alas, here we are, a petite pair brimming with doe-eyed innocence. 

Soooo my interest was piqued when I saw this new dating site (y'know, not for me to date, but just as a societal curiosity,) Find Your Face Mate, which apparently matches you up based on similar facial features. Mmmhmmmm. That's right, technology will analyze your face and find people that look like you with the hopes that you will have magical sparks when you see your nose on someone else's face. Weird? Creepy? Nonsensical? Funny? I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. BUT I bet you're aching to sign up and see who you match up with, aren't you??

For those of you in relationships, do you look like your partner? Have you noticed looking more and more like each other as the years pass? Do you like having friends that look like you? Discuss!

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