Death by Wedding Invitations

The invitations arrived on Friday, which completed everything I needed to put the whole invite kit n'caboodle together. I don't think the UPS guy has ever seen someone so excited to see a package arrive. I stayed up until 2 that night cutting my twine and punching holes--crazy I know. It was like being on a stationery high. (Pictures to come once all of the invites are out the door, which might be a while at the rate that I am putting these together.)

Fast forward to today, I put together some invitations to mail tomorrow, and I licked thirteen envelopes because I was too lazy to open up a sponge and cut it to use.

I felt woozy afterwards.

And then got a lecture from the boy that started with "Didn't you ever see that Seinfeld??"

Don't worry. I'm not licking anymore envelopes.


Ensemble Complete!

My bridal ensemble for our San Diego wedding is complete! I was really debating whether or not to get the jewelry I wanted, but I decided to after I had the photos up on my screen for two weeks straight. I can't wait to wear them.

I'm debating whether or not to use the link pink handle and spout flowers for my hair now. I might buy a large white one instead because I think it goes better with the rest of the outfit, and we could use the light pink ones in my sisters' hair with the turquoise. Small details that probably no one in the world will notice, but that's why you're all here, right? ;)

Hope everyone has a glorious weekend!


Please Don't Watch Me As I Do the Middle School Shuffle

You there, sitting at your computer pretending like you are working with a spreadsheet up on the screen--let's talk about the dreaded first dance.

No one wants to spend three to four minutes watching us do the middle school shuffle. (Do they??) We're not the biggest fans of being the center of attention. Add in a busy day, some dance steps I never had to begin with, uncomfortable shoes and about 200 pairs of eyes all boring into the backs of our heads and I can't imagine a more uncomfortable experience. Dancing to Billy Idol and Kanye? I can do that. Slow dancing with the boy? Not as easy. They don't teach you these things when they give you your adult card. Or at least they didn't teach me, did I miss that class?

We're taking group dance lessons, which I'm actually pretty excited about. The boy thinks this will be a good bonding experience since neither one of us knows how to dance. But I still feel uncomfortable with people just having to sit idle while we dance by ourselves to a really sappy song. My solution is to open up the dance floor to everyone for that first dance--do you think people will actually come out and dance with us, or will I have to pay my friends to go out there and dance with their partners?

Is anyone opting out of a first dance or asking others to join them? Any tips on how to do the foxtrot?

*We chose a first song this weekend (hurrah!) and no, it is not Celine Dion. We decided to go with Celine as a last dance, it's between Power of Love and My Heart Will Go On. Which one do you think people would want to sway and sing along to after a few glasses of wine?


Pictures of Pie

The boy and I took a road trip out to Julian and Anza Borrego today. The highlight, unfortunately, was not the wildflowers or desert, but the pie!
We had pie from Julian Pie Company. They sell these at Albertson's in San Diego, but it somehow tastes better from the source two hours away. 

I had apple mountain berry. Here, let's get a close-up.


Meanwhile, the boy didn't wait for me and just started eating his dutch apple pie.

So I decided to put the camera down and eat too.

And I finished it and it was goood.

They also sell donuts and a variety of other pastries.

Like cookies.

The boy got two chocolate chip cookies. We shared them.

And, these have absolutely nothing to do with pie, I just saw them in one of the candy stores and thought they were adorable. They look like they are saying "ah!" 

Hope everyone is having a sweet weekend!



[Bouquet Bracelet and Couture Victorian Earrings from Regina B.]

My latest jewelry crush.
I can't stop looking at them.
Check out more from Regina B. here. Everything is gorgeous.



I Followed a Boy

When I first moved to San Diego, sometimes I felt like lying to people. The first question out of people's mouths when I told them I was new to town was "so, what made you move?" and I really, really wanted a cool story to tell them, like I was recruited for some really impressive job and that I had a condo on the beach. Instead I told the truth because I really suck at lying, and had to admit that I followed my boyfriend. In fact, I have followed him twice, and I'll probably follow him a couple more times because that's just the nature of what he wants to do with his career. (It makes it easy to keep friends via my blog, not so easy to keep friends in the Real World.)
I think I am finally okay with telling people that I moved for him, but for at least a few years I was really struggling with the fact that his ambition was going to determine where I lived. I credit my best friends and family for convincing me that it was okay, that moving together was good for both of us. I remember this mini-breakdown I had in New York about moving in together (I had a lot of those) and an older, wiser co-worker told me that what I had was a beautiful thing and to quit listening to people who tell you what you're supposed to be like in your 20s. Thank you co-worker. I'm really glad I did.

Anyway--I was up late thinking about it and wondered how many people were in the same boat. Have you or will you move for your partner? Anyone else follow a boy or girl?

Hair Candy

More fun stuff in the mail from Handle and Spout! I'm glad they aren't too big because I didn't want anything that was going to overwhelm our heads. I swear, our apartment looks like a mailroom with all of the boxes we have piling up. 

I just uploaded my final project, like, 30 minutes ago, so I am officially done with my quarter! You'll hopefully see more of me around here. 


Mail That Makes Me Smile

Today I received an invitation--to a party for me! It is for my bridal shower. Thanks so much to my sisters and Rosanna for organizing everything and sending such beautiful invitations.

[If you slowly pull the paper out of the sleeve, the text is framed by the pretty die-cut.]

I also got some really fun apple green divine twine for our wedding invitations. It came with this really cute packaged envelope. I can't wait to pair the string with our invites. Unfortunately since I want our invitations to be a surprise for those readers receiving them (I know, I'm weird, I want the invites to be a surprise, but not the dress or anything else about this wedding really,) I won't be posting them until I send them out in April.

Ok, back to writing my paper. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend--it's gorgeous here in San Diego!


I'm Still Here

Sorry for the lack of posting, I have two projects due on Monday, so unfortunately my attention is being diverted to the stacks, junk food, and watching all episodes of 30 Rock.

The good news, while I drown in my own dirty laundry (with as many exclamation points as possible to emphasize the happiness...)

+Spring break is just around the corner! Even though it really isn't spring break because I still have to go to work!

+I am now officially next to a window at work! Yay for natural light and a view of the parking lot! I also finally brought my own mug to work, and this one is so much better than the boring Starbucks mugs we have in the communal cupboard.
I got it at Target last year during Valentine's Day.

[My pink mug, keeping the other toys on my desk company]

+All my invitation files are at the press!
This one deserves a some caps and some more exclamation points. ALL MY INVITATION FILES ARE AT PRESS! More on that later.

+ I did heated yoga for the first time the other day and was sore for three days but it felt gooood.

I promise more posts soon!


Conversations about the first look

...one late night while (not) studying over boba...

Me: Hey, do you want to do a first look?
Him: Um...I do not know what that is, therefore, probably not.
Me: Ok.
{tapping of fingers on table}
Him: Aren't you going to tell me what it is?
Me: Well you don't want to do it.
Him: {look of annoyance} Ok, what is it?
Me: It's when the couple meets before the ceremony. Often times, one of them taps the other on the back or something similar, and then the other person turns around, and then the photographer is supposed to take pictures as you ooo and ahh at one another. It's like a "ta-dah! Look at how lucky you are to be marrying this gorgeous person!" before the ceremony.
Him: Oh. So, this is something that doesn't cost money?
Me: Correct.
Him: And it sounds like I don't have to do anything except be there, which I already will be doing.
Me: Yup.
Him: Yeah I don't care. As long as it doesn't take effort or cost money, we can do it if you want.

Leave it to the boy to make any decision based on cost, effort, and whether or not there will be free food.

We'll be seeing each other before the ceremony because we are walking down the aisle together. But a first look is still up for debate, I can't decide if it would make me feel totally uncomfortable or just plain happy.

How do you feel about the "first look"?

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