Teaching Kids Photography

[Quincy, the Hobby Photographer by J. Otto Seibold, image from Harcourt Books; image of child taking photo and image of cameras from Photojojo]

One of the best jobs, if not the best job I ever had, was teaching art at a summer camp in San Francisco. So today's Photojojo newsletter was of particular interest to me: Turn Your Kid Into a Photographer. I had no idea these cameras existed for the wee ones! What a great idea for a holiday present. I don't think I have any little ones who would benefit from one of these cameras (my niece is far too young at 4 months,) but I think, not being biased at all being a photo editor, that it would be a FANTASTIC gift for 3-7 year olds. Pair it with J. Otto Seibold's Quincy, the Hobby Photographer, and you've got the makings of a future William Christenberry.


Happy Birthday, K!

[Letterpress birthday card from afavoritedesign.com, via Etsy]

Happy Birthday to the boy! It's going to be a great weekend with non-stop eating and friends. Cheers to a quarter century!


City Hall Chic on Polyvore

Ok. I'm not engaged. I admit it. But I've got weddings on the brain, because it's just so damn fun to look at pretty things and plan the most spectacular party ev-ah to celebrate your love and devotion to one incredible person. I finally got around to signing up for Polyvore, and voila! My first collage for a city hall ceremony. I don't know how crazy these colors would be in reality, but on the collage I like the gold mixing with the purple. Go visit my Polyvore! I'm already addicted.


Mr. President

[Button from buttonempire on Etsy]

I'm so happy it's official! I voted today and was about to reward myself with a free ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry's. And then I saw the line and promptly left.

The real reward were the election results. Even though the ice cream cone would have been nice. Woohoo!!!



[Vote from Sprinkles Cupcakes]

I do whatever Sprinkles Cupcakes tells me to do. GO VOTE!

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