Surprise!: Our Engagement Pictures

I alluded to a surprise a few weeks back, and here it is! Surprise! I won a contest for a free engagement session with Jessamyn Harris, so while I was in San Francisco we had a fun photo shoot in Chinatown. We weren't even considering engagement pictures because of the added cost, so I was super excited that Jessamyn gave us this opportunity. Thank you Jessamyn!

The contest called for photo shoot ideas, so I sent her an email about one of the first times the boy and I hung out at a really dirty hole-in-the-wall in Berkeley. They sadly gutted the shop and now it's a Tapioca Express, but I thought it'd be fun to relive the night by taking some pictures with food in a kitschy setting. And fun it was! We got to eat, get our pictures taken, and spend some time with the very talented Jessamyn.

{You might remember her work from these awesome weddings around the wedding world:
Alex and Rich in Napa Valley; Lauren and Derek in San Francisco}

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!

[I love the light in this photo! There was a very high chance of rain, and it in fact poured after we finished taking pictures, so I am happy that we had some sunlight! These photos were taken at Yuet Lee, a restaurant recommendation from my sister who insisted that the place served classic dirty Chinese food.]

[Jessamyn was kind enough to buy us lunch since they were 'props'. Notice the empty bowl in front of the boy? Yeah, he ate his entire prop. I don't know what was funny, but apparently it was hilarious.]

[I think this might be my favorite. Which is funny because we're not posing. At all. We took a ton of photos in the street, so here I am basically grabbing the boy from danger. Don't worry. I got your back. You just keep smiling for the camera.]

[My favorite posed shot!]

[This is in front of another Chinatown classic, Eastern Bakery.]

[I'm laughing because the boy very clumsily tried to grab some pastries. Yup, we're big dorks.]

[Our shoes! I hadn't realized they matched until the day of.]

You can check out more pictures and read my email entry at Jessamyn's blog here.

All photos (c) Jessamyn Harris Photography


Rosanna said...

i love love love them!!

honey my heart said...

congratulations! that is too amazing. you two look very happy :)

Carly said...

They came out beautifully!! I love all the vibrant colors. You guys are too cute!

Blablover5 said...

Those are gorgeous shots, and who doesn't love the chance to get free food? Congrats.

Brian said...

You both look very nice. I especially like "the boy's" shirt and shoes. Congrats on the photos.


OMG I LOVE them! You two look adorable and very in love. I'm so happy for u!

Mo said...

Thanks girls (and Brian)! It was a fun afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay you! What a fabulous prize and fabulous photos! looks like you guys had an awesome trip up here to NorCal and I'll be you're so relieved to have chosen a venue!

Krista said...

It looks like you two had fun. Yay!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I don't know how I missed this post when you first posted it....but SWOON. You both looked adorable! And I just love how she captured how happy you guys are.

Veiled Vows said...

Yay! So cute. I love the matching shoes!

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