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[Feed the Greedy Organ from the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, created by Bailey Gardiner and Teneleven Interactive for MCASD; Pop Thursdays logo from the Museum of Photographic Arts, created by Hand Carved Graphics]

It's time I get off my couch and soaked up some culture because I am in dire need of some. Plus, there's some really neat stuff in San Diego that I still haven't checked out, and it's been close to a year since I've been here! My goal this summer is to attend more museum and art events...ie, go out Thursday nights, dress up a little, and surround myself in white walls and art with a capital "A"!

TNT (Thursday Night Thing) at the MCASD: TNT happens the first Thursday of every month at the downtown location of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Music, artist talks, movie premieres, for a mere $3 donation. MCASD also has one KICKASS promotional website, Feed the Greedy Organ. I think the idea is GENIUS.

Pop Thursdays at MoPA: Cult films. Fine-art photography. Good looking people. Cult films. This is why I need to go to Pop Thursdays this summer at the Musuem of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. That and they have a really cool photo booth in the bookstore that I'm always dying to play around in.

The A List at La Jolla Athenaeum: Um, their next event is called Superheroes, need I say more? It is on June 26th (also my bday!) and is celebrating the release of Thought to Pop, a new book from Wildstorm Productions. I tend to like events that promote dressing up, even though I'm not much for costumes. I just like to have an excuse to stare at people.

I'm excited for this summer, come out and play with me!


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