City Hall Chic on Polyvore

Ok. I'm not engaged. I admit it. But I've got weddings on the brain, because it's just so damn fun to look at pretty things and plan the most spectacular party ev-ah to celebrate your love and devotion to one incredible person. I finally got around to signing up for Polyvore, and voila! My first collage for a city hall ceremony. I don't know how crazy these colors would be in reality, but on the collage I like the gold mixing with the purple. Go visit my Polyvore! I'm already addicted.


One Love Photo said...

Oh I love this color combo. I've been married for a few but still dream about our next wedding. I think it is the fact that I go to so many but I just look the creativity that weddings bring out. So keep playing and pretending. It's a good thing!

Mo said...

Yay, I'm glad you like the color combo! One of these days my ideas will be useful for an actual event. =)

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