Mo's Holiday Wish List

Snow and Graham Calendar [image from Snow and Graham]
Great design, clean and colorful!

Re-Stickable Wall Frames [Image from Photojojo]
I'm IN LOVE with these. I have a re-stickable chalkboard in my apartment and love it so I am on the re-stickable decals craze right now.

Magnetic Photo Rope [Image from Photojojo]
This would be a great way to dress up my walls and is a nice safe way to show off pictures and art.

Orange Cat Mini Stapler [Image from Paper Source]
For fun...and it looks like my cat except in staple form.

Saelee Oh Mouse Pad [Image from My Favorite Mirror]
I love Saelee Oh! I have the most boring mouse pad at work that is plain black. I need a cheery horse during the 40 some off hours I am there.

Rob Ryan print [Image from Rob Ryan's shop on Etsy]
Love love love Rob Ryan's work. Perhaps one day my budget will allow me to buy a print of his.



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