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I had posts scheduled, but talking about yoga and cute shoes just feels bad in my mouth given the tragedy in Japan. I'm also a little numb after reading about the Chinatown bus accident in New York, as it hits close to home. (I used to take the Chinatown bus all the time living on the east coast, and my parents and in-laws travel by bus with other Asian Americans when traveling or going to the casinos.)

If you would like to donate to Japan, click here to donate to The Red Cross, here to donate to Global Giving, and here to Doctors Without Borders. For a full list from the NYTimes, click here.

I'll be back. In the meantime, I send out my love and hope to read more successful survivor stories in the media. xoxo


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Oh, I hadn't heard about the bus accident. So much heartbreak right now. I'm keeping everyone in my prayers.

MayLove said...

The devastation in Japan is mind blowing; my heart breaks for those poor people. I'm sorry to hear about the Chinatown incident as well. Sad times.

Petite Cabbage Press said...

I know; I felt so bad after the Christchurch earthquake a few weeks ago and didn't want to post, etc. This one... it's almost too much! I felt like I could talk about how I felt bad about New Zealand and Christchurch (and the city is still worthy of our attention), but after Japan, it's too much... I have no words for what happened and what is still going on there. Words just can't express.

I was actually starting to wonder if you had been evacuated from the coast (Oregon coast was evacuated, though nothing really happened).
And as far as the Chinatown bus goes--I used to live on the East coast too, and sadly I remember these things happening quite often. That particular bus route was always accident prone.

It's been a tough couple of years for the planet.

Mo said...

@Petite Cabbage Press: No, we were not evacuated, but they closed the beaches. I did not know they evacuated the Oregon coast! How nerve-wracking.
We never have had to be evacuated *knock on wood* but at work we've taken precautions by having earthquake drills and earthquake kits. I fit under my desk.

Our poor planet.

Kristin said...

It was very hard to talk happy with the events going on in Japan. My heart has been heavy this whole time. Very important to donate!

Stacey said...

I feel the same! What's happening in Japan is so heartbreaking, it's hard to even take it in.

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