A Club 33/Disneyland Bachelorette

This is my cousin Daisy (she's the one wearing the bridal ears!) She's getting married in 5 short weeks in beautiful San Francisco, and this weekend her bridesmaids surprised her with a bachelorette weekend extravaganza in Southern California. I had the pleasure of joining them for a lavish and fun day at Club 33 and Disneyland! Her girls went all out, making us custom screen printed tank tops, getting matching Minnie ears for us all, and coordinating all the details--including inviting me as a surprise! It was a much needed escape from my really boring enriching homework and long days at work. 

Thank you Daisy and friends for letting me come along for the ride! Wanna see some pictures?

[Our group of girls all Disney-fied and full from a large and delicious meal at Club 33. Photo from Rita of Mochi Studios--who also makes ADORABLE plushies!]

[Club 33 is a private members-only restaurant in New Orleans Square at the Anaheim Disneyland park. We were able to get a reservation because Daisy's (other) cousin is a member and had the hook-up for us! Inside, it is decked out in Victorian decorations and Pirates of the Caribbean art. It also had this really weird toilet below.]

 [Funky Victorian toilet in the ladies room]

[It was a dessert/salad buffet and then we had different options for the main course. I chose the filet mignon and then felt like sleeping in there from food coma. Mmm...dessert buffet...]

 [The staff brought out this sweet dessert plate, complete with chocolate ganache Mickey!]

We spent the rest of the day frolicking around the park, soaking in the magic, swapping stories, and documenting the whole kit n' caboodle. It's so fun to take pictures when you have such a colorful scene like this one.

Congratulations Daisy--can't wait for the wedding on July 2nd!

[Side note: Ok readers, I only have one more week until the second year of library school is over and then I am officially on summer break! You'll hopefully be seeing a lot more of me soon. In the meantime, give me the strength to finish this quarter up so I can spend more time having days just like this.]


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Aww what an awesome looking party! Mickey chocolate ganache yum!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Maya said...

Aww, that looks like so much fun! The Minnie ears are so cute :) And thanks for sharing about Club 33-- I've always wondered what it would be like!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

So cute! And those toilets.. wow, fancy!

honey my heart said...

what a fun bachelorette! my mouth is watering over the food :)

BigAppleNosh said...

What a fun party!!

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