Babies Waving At Me

Yesterday, I was at the mall waiting for my lunch, and I felt something nudge my leg. An adorable little toddler looked up at me with big blue eyes and waved at me before her Mom carried her away.

The day before, I was in line at the market behind a man holding a baby boy. He (the baby, not the man,) waved at me and then hunkered down in his Dad's shoulder. "Ya can't just wave to her and then be shy buddy, that's not how it works," he said to him.

Yup. I'm feeling the first pangs of baby fever. But I know, despite seeing adorable babies wave to me in public, that we need to wait. That I need to finish school, get our acts together, save money to one day own property. I feel in limbo, like I really want to create a "home" for ourselves but know we aren't anywhere near that point. I don't even know what city we'll be calling home in 5 years, or what I'll be doing, or what he'll be doing. I like to plan and research and read about everything. It drives me a little crazy not to know what will happen.

Babies. All in good time. In the meantime, I hope they keep waving at me!


Nikkiana said...

When I was moving stuff into my new place yesterday, I was standing in my doorway with the doors open taking a quick breather and a woman with a toddler walked by. The little guy stopped dead in his tracks, and started to try and climb my stairs and gave me a big smile and said "Hi!" and mom scooted him along.

ruthy ann said...

What people keep telling me is there will never be the "perfect" time to have a baby...I know because I'm the same as you, I'd research everything and then be 45 when I was "ready."

More Than Rubies said...

I agree with Ruthy Ann in that there isn't a perfect time. You sort of have to take a nose-dive in! But everyone has their own timing so when you do decide, I'll be here to jump for joy! In the meantime, BR waves a giant hello to you!

julia said...

It's funny how all of a sudden you're surrounded by babies. Whatever your timeframe, make sure you can devote plenty of hours to sleeping. I don't know how people do the first trimester and anything else at all. I hear that's also true for infants, we'll see...

Mo said...

@More Than Rubies: Hi BR!!!

@julia: They are EVERYWHERE! Taunting me! And soon, YOUR baby will be waving to me too. :)
Yes, I'm told that you get super duper tired, so I want to get all my school stuff out of the way before taking that dive. I can't imagine doing what I do now AND being pregnant. The baby fever will probably kick into high gear after I get my degree.

punkychewster said...

OMG i just wrote a similar post about baby blues! i'm gonna let things go and let life take us where it will, and i hope things work out for you too!

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