Pale blue, yay or nay?

Mission: Find a dress for the purpose of graduation, potential summer dinner dates out with the boy, and upping Mo's happiness meter just a little.

Subject in question: Eva Franco's Belle of the Butterfly Garden via ModCloth. Subject gets extra points for the cute butterfly print, v-neckline, and light, airy summer style.

Question for my readers: Does this pale blue color go with my skin tone? I tried to think of clothes I own, and I can't really remember light blue being in there...sea foam green, yes, but no light blue. Orange for instance looks kind of odd on me, and yellow is also a hard color to pull off (but I still wear it because the shade makes me happy.) I don't know if this pastel blue color will like me or not.

But I sure do love the butterfly print.

Do you have colors you steer clear of? What do you think of the dress?



Mizz Glitter said...

I say YES YES YES... Whilst doing the Yes dance. I think it will be GREAT on you

Katie said...

I'm awful about figuring out which colors are right on me or anyone, so I won't be much help there, but I will say that the dress is TOO adorable.

Generally, I just avoid brights in my wardrobe and hope for the best!

Mo said...

Two votes of confidence is good enough for me! I'm gonna get it. :)
Thanks ladies!!

punkychewster said...

drag your BFF to the shops one day and try out blue dresses in the store just to see if the color loves you too!

joyce said...

So funny... I'd like to think that I go for all colours but I have not one item in my closet in that colour. That said, I think it's really sweet and pretty and the butterfly print is gorgeous! Let us know how you go!

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