3191: A Year of Mornings

[July 22, 2008; July 30, 2008; August 5, 2008; Cover image from Princeton Architectural Press; all photography by Stephanie Congdon Barnes and Maria Alexandra Vettese]

Mark your calendars for September 3, which is when 3191: A Year of Mornings is available! 3191 was originally a blog which I would regularly visit while checking my work email in 2007. I am so happy it is now available in beautiful book form.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, this is an artist collaboration between Stephanie Congdon Barnes (from Portland) and Maria Alexandra Vettese (from Maine.) They spent an entire year taking photographs of their mornings, before 10 AM, while on separate coasts. They have only met once.

Each photo makes me want to quit my job, move to Portland or Maine, and drink lots of tea while surrounded by mountains of gorgeously illustrated books. Sigh.

The photos above are taken from Stephanie and MAV's venture for 2008, 3191: A Year of Evenings. Totally beautiful, no? Go check out 3191 and escape to Maine or Portland with me. It'll be fun.


Rachel said...

That book looks so beautiful! I am adding it to my wish list immediately.

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