Olympic Mascots

[The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic mascots by Meomi; the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic mascots; photo by djnoel; photo by Tama Leaver; photo by Coolmeow]

So, like a lot of the world, I've been following the Olympics. It just seems to be my natural response once I get home--take off shoes, throw keys on table, turn tv on and switch to NBC. When my family returned from Beijing last year, they brought me back some wooden dolls of the Olympic mascots and I've pinned Jingjing to my corkboard ever since. Jingjing's so cute.

I LOVE how the 2008 and 2010 Olympic mascots are cuddly and cute and so much much aesthetically pleasing (in my humble opinion) than previous years. I didn't even know we had mascots for the Olympics until I saw Hello Kitty's cousins.

The Beijing mascots are cute, but the mascots for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver are AMAZING and are designed by the infamous Meomi. The website is also so well designed and fun!! You can even buy plush versions of the mascots to get yourself in the Olympic spirit even more.

To see how the mascot has evolved, check out these mascots from Olympics past, Athens (2004) and Atlanta (1996):


hyperartpro said...

I just want to jump on top of the heads of one of those plushy China mascots and ride it around, hahaha.

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