Please Don't Watch Me As I Do the Middle School Shuffle

You there, sitting at your computer pretending like you are working with a spreadsheet up on the screen--let's talk about the dreaded first dance.

No one wants to spend three to four minutes watching us do the middle school shuffle. (Do they??) We're not the biggest fans of being the center of attention. Add in a busy day, some dance steps I never had to begin with, uncomfortable shoes and about 200 pairs of eyes all boring into the backs of our heads and I can't imagine a more uncomfortable experience. Dancing to Billy Idol and Kanye? I can do that. Slow dancing with the boy? Not as easy. They don't teach you these things when they give you your adult card. Or at least they didn't teach me, did I miss that class?

We're taking group dance lessons, which I'm actually pretty excited about. The boy thinks this will be a good bonding experience since neither one of us knows how to dance. But I still feel uncomfortable with people just having to sit idle while we dance by ourselves to a really sappy song. My solution is to open up the dance floor to everyone for that first dance--do you think people will actually come out and dance with us, or will I have to pay my friends to go out there and dance with their partners?

Is anyone opting out of a first dance or asking others to join them? Any tips on how to do the foxtrot?

*We chose a first song this weekend (hurrah!) and no, it is not Celine Dion. We decided to go with Celine as a last dance, it's between Power of Love and My Heart Will Go On. Which one do you think people would want to sway and sing along to after a few glasses of wine?


SeriousCraft.com said...

I have the same fears! We sort of have our song in mind. It's a beautiful song, but it's 4:30 minutes long...not suitable to be cut short. We will have to vary our moves to keep things interesting throughout the whole dance.

Also, I don't know if people would be up for "spoiling" the first dance moment for the couple by joining in. Personally I would rather see the bride and groom dance together than have me join the floor too. :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You might have to pay them. Even when others are called, I've still seen attention on the wedding couple.

It'll get better! I am really glad we had lessons. I messed up, but we still looked great. Oh our friend/choreographer took a video of us dancing and we practiced once or twice at home - it helps!

buhdoop said...

Talk about hard core ballad love songs! Right on! We haven't picked ours yet. I think dance lessons will be great. All you need to practice is the side to side sway and you'll be fine.

honey my heart said...

maybe halfway through the first dance you can invite your parents to the dance floor, then siblings and extended family and maybe dancing feet will spread to guests.

an aqua juel said...

We're skipping it altogether. When it comes time to open up the dance floor, we're just going to play a michael jackson tune or something that will force everyone to run to the dance floor!

Rosanna said...

My vote is Power of Love!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

It's not as bad as it seems, I swear! I had all of the same fears that you did before our wedding. I was scared, worried, etc. But we did ourselves (and our guests) a favor by picking a shorter song. I think it was only three minutes? And I don't think anyone was bored, and even if they were - they toughed it out :)

We had one private dance lesson pre-wedding. It was fun, but we deferred to a version of the elementary shuffle on the actual day anyway! I don't see a problem at all with asking guests to join you...but like Chic said, don't expect them to actually come out. It's your moment! (and it makes for fabulous pictures) :)

Mo said...

Ok...after reading your comments and discussing it some more, it looks like we're going to go it alone! Scary! Wish me luck at dance class. :)

trishie said...

hey darl!

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blushingjoy said...

Power of Love from me too!

We haven't really thought about our first dance yet to be honest though we've picked the song!! Lolz... I'd say enjoy the moment too. It's your moment!! :)


I had major anxiety about the first dance...I'm the worst dancer, well slow dancer, ever! And we chose a rather untraditional song...Sum 41's With Me...as our song. And to top it off we had two gowns to deal with and possibly trip over! :)

I practiced a few days before the wedding and thought I was going to be fine but unfortunately we started off on the wrong foot and it was painful. It's probably not as bad as I remember, the video isn't thaaat bad but you could see we were struggling a bit.

We had everyone join in after a minute and a half. It was planned and the DJ called people to the dance floor. I also wasn't sure that anyone was going to join in since it's a kinda weird song to dance to. Thankfully the dance floor quickly filled up and my pain was washed away :)

I highly recommend dance lessons!!! Especially if you have anxiety about it. Trying it out in your living room 2 nights before the big day isn't a good idea :)

Ruthy G. said...

We chose a short song on purpose! Even then, after about two minutes, we turned around and just bowed and had the DJ fade the music out! I did this with the father daughter dance too!

Gaynor said...

We are totally just going to shuffle!

Over here it isnt such a big thing; we will dance alone for a minute at most before the bridal party and our parents join us on the dance floor.

Cupcake Wedding said...

I feel ya. I am busy begging the guy to let us skip the first dance or do it to a hip hop song

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