Death by Wedding Invitations

The invitations arrived on Friday, which completed everything I needed to put the whole invite kit n'caboodle together. I don't think the UPS guy has ever seen someone so excited to see a package arrive. I stayed up until 2 that night cutting my twine and punching holes--crazy I know. It was like being on a stationery high. (Pictures to come once all of the invites are out the door, which might be a while at the rate that I am putting these together.)

Fast forward to today, I put together some invitations to mail tomorrow, and I licked thirteen envelopes because I was too lazy to open up a sponge and cut it to use.

I felt woozy afterwards.

And then got a lecture from the boy that started with "Didn't you ever see that Seinfeld??"

Don't worry. I'm not licking anymore envelopes.


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Be careful dear! Ooh do we get to see a preview?

Jen said...

Haha omg I did see that episode! Too funny!

honey my heart said...

yay for invites :) once i was lazy and just used tape to seal some envelopes ;)

Abbie said...

Yay!! I'm so excited to see them. You better believe I used a moistener to seal our envelopes after watching that Seinfeld so many times!

dognbird said...

How exciting! Congrats and I hope the stationery high was a blast!

Gaynor said...

Looking forward to seeing them!

I got my dad to lick the envelopes! ha ha!

// S said...

Can't wait to see the invites... it's a lot of fun making them, isn't it??
I DYI'ed a ton of our wedding stuff and found it oddly relaxing... hope you're enjoying it too!!

(and don't lick any more invites! use a sponge & water!!)

buhdoop said...

Yes, please don't lick envelopes :)

We just picked our invitations over the weekend! One more thingy checked.

Moosette said...

One of my favorite episodes! Probably dont lick anymore ;-)
Cant wait to see them!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Look up a thing called Envelop Stik...it's amazing! I used it for all my invitations :)


hahaha that's quite a picture :) can't wait to see them!

anko said...

got it in the mail today... can i say, ADORABLE?!?!? They are so cute, good job!

Anonymous said...

Me too! These are the best invites ever :)

very married said...

haha! i hate the dry sick feeling in your mouth after licking too many envelopes!

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