A Birthday + San Diego Beer Week

Things are getting better. Have I mentioned how great the boy is? I love him. He's been so patient and supportive. Big emphasis on the word "patient", because I know a gigantic portion of the population wouldn't be able to handle weepy Mo rambling on about life, death, the past, and making weird pop culture references while doing so. Yeah. From talking to me for hours when he has other work to do, to going on midnight runs to McDonald's for my friend and enemy the McFlurry, to doing more chores to help out, he's really stepped it up. On another sunny note, my Dad is recovering at home (he was in the hospital last month) and slowly eating more and regaining strength. I have high hopes for December and 2012.

This week we celebrated his birthday by going to Beer Garden at the Lodge at Torrey Pines, which was sorely needed! Sun, good food, pretty place, alcohol, plus the love of my life? Yes please.

There were ten stations with food from local restaurants and brewers, and it was all. you. can. eat. And the food was incredible! I'm not a beer drinker (shhhh! don't tell the other people that went!) but the boy loves it and is getting into craft beers. He's already planning for next year.

[The event took place on the patio at The Lodge at Torrey Pines.]

[There was live music while we got tipsy and ate lobster.]
[Each attendee got a baby glass to try all the beers.]

 [One of my favorites: Boursin Cheese Ravioli, Parmesan Cream, Rock Shrimp, Asparagus and Baby Tomatoes from Pamplemousse Grill]

[Another favorite: Main Lobster “Salchicha”, Piri Piri salsa, Cilantro pistou from Karl Strauss]

 [The boy's favorite: Lightly Smoke Trout, Crushed Potato-Fennel, Green Apple Salad, Pommery Mustard from The Shores]

 [Fresh bread from Sadie Rose Baking Company]

Hooray for a successful birthday for the boy! Three cheers for being a wonderful husband and life partner. :)


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

That looks like so much fun... nothing I love more than beer and food ;)

honey my heart said...

happy birthday to the boy! it looks like a fun and tasty time.

glad to hear you are doing better:)

Mo said...

Thanks Honey. :)
I really appreciate your support, and all the ladies of my small digital community.

Petite Cabbage Press said...

This past week was my "boy's" birthday too! Perhaps we'll need to go to this event next year.... get away from the rain.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

This looks like a lot is fun and I don't like beer either but like hanging out at beer gardens!

More Than Rubies said...

Hi Mo - Great birthday for your boy, food looks amazing. I'm salivating for lobster and it's 7:41am. I hope you're having a great day! Oh, and McFlurries are so good but stil so bad...Love!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

A belated happy birthday to the boy! What an awesome event! I'm sorry to hear you've been dealing with some rough stuff, but glad to hear that things are looking up. I'm here if you ever want to talk. xo

joyce said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubs!! Here's to things getting better in December and 2012 too! I hope your dad is recovering well and things are looking up for you. Take care of yourself! Oh, and the food all look very scrumptious! :)

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