A Blooming Halloween

Thank you to everyone for your support on my last post. After writing it, I felt better. You're a great audience, thank you. 

I'm doing a bit better but still not completely present. I've also been struggling with some family health issues, and our family cat of 17 years died two weeks ago, so basically October 2011 is in the running for worst month in my life. 

For some therapy, I decided to make my Halloween costume using this Martha Stewart idea. There's nothing like a trip to Michael's and Paper Source to make me feel better momentarily. That, and adorable trick or treaters coming to my door and getting excited over my pink Pocky and Hello Kitty candies. Those kids were too adorable. (Tick tock, Mo.) 

Here's how the costume came out: 

[My Halloween costume, based on this Martha Stewart tutorial]

[The whole ensemble--I'm holding an arrow because I was part of a food chain. My fellow editors were a bunny and a wolf. :) ]

I used: 
+1 plastic headband
+PVA (I think double-sided tape works well too)
+floral tape (regular tape is helpful when attaching the tissue paper)
+floral wire (I glued this to the green paper to make the leaves bendable)
+pink tissue paper
+green paper with fibers
+bees from Michael's (I found them in the floral department)

I'm happy with how it came out and love how colorful it looked!

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up?


honey my heart said...

very cute outfit! i like costumes that are fun, diy, and tell a story.

Katie said...

What a fun costume! You always make the cutest projects.

I'll send thoughts and prayers your way that November is kinder to you than October was.

Terese said...

so simple and cute!

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