My First 5 Miles!

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Yesterday, I ran five miles without walking!!! I've never done that before, so when I saw the 4 1/2 marker on the trail, I was so excited. Generally when I run, I'll get to the 2 or even the 1 1/2 marker and say "OK! Well, that was great, time to walk a little." I'm also thankful that my knee and back and shoulder (did I leave any body parts out?) no longer hurt, so I feel this surge of confidence. Half marathon. I can do this.

I'm also scouting other locations for my runs and will report back--looks like there are some pretty amazing trail runs in San Diego that I am unaware of.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! xo



julia said...

That's an accomplishment! Have you started calling yourself a runner yet?

Mo said...

Thanks Julia!
Calling myself runner...hmmm...nope, not yet! I reserve that title for the people I saw on the trail with these fancy tight pants and baby water bottles strapped to their waists. Those people looked hard-core.

Petite Cabbage Press said...

I see more and more people training for half marathons lately! It seems so rewarding, and makes me want to do... something... though running is out from an old foot injury. But it's nice to see your progress -- keep us updated and you'll keep inspiring others!

Abbie said...

I am SO proud of you! That's great.

Mo said...

@Abbie: Thank you Abbie!!! :)

Terese said...

way to go, 5 miles is such a great running milestone. as a runner, i promise you'll tackle 13 miles in no time without even realizing it! crazy how the miles just sneak up on you. best of luck!

BigAppleNosh said...

Congratulations!!! I'm just trying to get to 3, and it's been really tough!

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