10 Things to Look Forward to after the 21st

1. A break from work-work: Oy.

2. A break from school-work: Whose idea was it to go back to school while working full-time? Hmmmmm? 'Fess up!

Oh, crud, I think that was me?

3. The Monterey Bay Aquarium with my niece and sisters: My baby niece has started talking, and I can't wait to go have fun with her at the aquarium.

[I adore aquariums, and this one is incredible.]

4. Cookies: Admittedly I can have cookies now, I just like to mention them whenever I get the chance. Especially when they look this pretty!

[This book looks tasty!]

5. Going home to see family and friends. We are driving up north (I-5, here I come!) which is always a long and boring process since it takes 8 hours. Perhaps if we consume enough coffee and eat some McDonald's along the way, we'll have enough energy to keep each other entertained.

6. Cheongsam shopping with my Mom. We're going to try out Ling's Bridal in Oakland. I'm looking forward to it because my Mom never went wedding dress shopping with me, so this is to make up some lost time. It's unfortunate that if I find something I'll be fitted during my chubbiest time of the year. After I eat all those cookies.

7. Sleep! One of my favorite things to do!

8. Food in the Bay Area: Fried siu loong bao, good pizza, and if we have time and money, a restaurant to splurge on.

9. An actual date with the boy in which we can both be at ease. It's been a long time since there has been no anxiety over a test, or a paper, or a work deadline, or a conference. I think the last time we had a true honest to goodness break in which neither one of us was tied up in deadlines or stress was Disneyland. Didn't we look happy on that day?

10. Time to do some wedding planning! Some things I've been looking into/thinking about: live music during the ceremony and cocktail hour, an ipod reception, ordering goodies for dessert, and of course...a honeymoon in Japan! I think we're thisclose to making that decision, we just have to figure out the logistics! In the meantime, I've been getting more pumped up by revisiting some of my favorite movies as a kid, Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro. I couldn't understand either of these movies as a kid, but I still watched them a hundred times over.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I hate to say it...I'm looking forward to the holidays being over and the new year ringing in. I am at that point where I want to be in full blown wedding mode and just have it here already! 4 months to go. But I admit, I can't wait to see all my family during the holidays and to also see my little niece and nephew with all their fun presents...they're at the most adorable age!

honey my heart said...

i can't wait for the holidays and vacation and break, too!! life is just so busy now.

monterey bay sounds so fun, and yay to being home and catching up on food and sleep. would you consider taking the longer but more scenic 101 instead of the 5? we always take the 101 so we don't go crazy ;)


Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to. Yay!!!

I'm looking forward to baking cookies, hosting J's family for xmas eve for the very first time & spending time with my family on xmas day. Oh and I also made reservations at some restaurants that I've been wanting to going to the week between xmas & new years. So excited! :)

Bells said...

Oh I love Monterey Bay Aquarium! Have fun and enjoy the holidays - point 1 is as far as I can think right now...

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

sleep...I'm so with you on that!! I can't wait to be on the west coast. If you happened to be in LA, let me know!

Paul said...

Brian reminded me about your blog this weekend, and now that I'm developing a budding Google Reader addiction, I can be an avid reader. You'll have to suggest some other blogs to me as well.
Well, I'm looking forward to Pancake Breakfast on the 24th...definitely on the top 5 of my holiday list. Also, seeing all my friends in Mexico again. Speaking of which, I guess I'm a little late to suggest Mexico as a honeymoon spot. Great
Spanish colonial architecture, with cool indigenous traditions, and very cheap. Oh well, Japan sounds good too.

Carol said...

I have always wanted to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium! Take pictures!

Mo said...

@Paul: Pancake breakfast! Yes! I'm officially adding it to my top 10 list. We'll bump cookies out of the running. Can't wait to see you!

dethbakin said...

Mo, since reading this post, I have been dying to try out the Shanghai Flavor Shop. I had never been -- until tonight! Wow, it was amazing!! I can't wait to go back. YUM.

Mo said...

@dethbakin: OH EM GEE! I'm so glad you went! I loooove those fried dumplings. I have dreams about them. If we're in the south bay together at the same time, we should go and just pig out and talk about how cool it will be to be librarians.

blushingjoy said...

Sounds like you're gonna have a fantastic holiday!!! I'm sooo counting down the days to the last day of work for the year. Will definitely be catching up on sleep. But I'm dreading going back to work in the new year coz I'll be working till the wee hours of the morning for the whole of Jan. Life eh??

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, Mo!! See you in the New Year!

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