The pumpkin in the pumpkin spice latte counts as my vegetable, right?

[Phlox Flats from All Black, sold through Anthro and Endless]

My dress was supposed to arrive on September 30th, but still no word from the dress shop. No worries, because I still don't technically have shoes, and the way I've been treating my body, it's as if some higher being told me last week that eating poorly and not exercising is the best thing to do right now. Pumpkin spice latte, yogurt with oreo cookies and salami sandwich? The pumpkin in the pumpkin spice latte counts as my vegetable, right?

So basically the fact that I feel gross lately makes me unenthusiastic about putting a really pretty lace dress on. Maybe I need to call them still. I'll put it on a post-it.

Ok enough babble, here's the meat of the post. My good friend just sent me a link to the lovely shoes you see above, which I love and am thisclose to buying for the wedding.

So let's say, you're me, your groom is only an inch taller than you, and you're wearing this dress.

Would you buy them? And if you answer yes, and you read the reviews and see that other people indicated that it fits snugly, would you buy one half-size up? Do you like how the title of this post has little to do with the content?



A Los Angeles Love said...

I love the shoes and I love the dress (my how you tempt me with the pretty over here.) However, does the dress have gold embroidery around the neckline? I'm usually not a fan of silver and gold together. However (again), the dress is long enough that it probably doesn't matter. And I'd go a half size up (you can put those shoe cushion inserts in the achilles tendon area, if need be.)

And I hear you on the pumpkin lattes. I worked at Starbucks in college and the seasonal lattes still call to me. I try and ignore them but it's hard.

honey my heart said...

they are very cute and delicate :) i would say 'yes' but i always say 'yes' to the pretty shoes you post.

Mo said...

@A LA LOVE: I think it is silvery up top, but I was already considering wearing gold jewelry so that would already sabotage the metallics matching!

@honey: I know, so easy to please! =)
I'm glad you wrote 'delicate', that's what I was looking for!

Jamie said...

YES I love the combination! And I'd also go a half size up. In any case of it's a tad bit too big, you could always slip in an extra sole or stick on those leather backing thingie to make it a better fit - either option would make wearing it for prolonged periods more comfortable too and I frequently use them because I have sensitive blister-prone feet. A little bigger is always better than a little too tight!

Gaynor said...

Oooooh I love these shoes - I saw them on anthropologie the other day and so wanted them!

I say yes yes yes!

As for the size, i think its totally personal preference as you wouldnt want shoes too tight and you could always add an insole if necessary. But I would go for the normal size as my feet are narrow and i wouldnt want them to stretch too much or flip off.

Tracy-Girl said...

I love love love those shoes. Oh my goodness and I giggled when you wrote "ill put it on a post it". I do the exact same thing!!

Kelly Merrill said...

I love the shoes, and I think you'd wear them even if not to your wedding, right?

Foxywedding said...

These are gorgeous! And after your wedding you could wear them all the time! I would totally buy one half size up -my feet swelled up like you wouldn't believe eon my wedding day 'cause I was on my feet for like 10 hours.

trishiekoh said...

Oooooooo, i love the shoes AND the dress!!!

Spare Thoughts said...

I saw these shoes and loved them. My groom is also only an inch taller than me so I'll be looking for some beautiful flats like these.

Naomi said...

ooooo Lovin' the shoes. Get them. I think they will look just great. And I agree with "LA Love" that you should go half size up. You can always fix something that's a lil big vs. a lil too snug.

jeannie said...

pretty shoes!

dethbakin said...


Bells said...

forgot how gorgeous your dress is! stunning.
And those in those cute shoes - they give it that slightly Jane Austen heroine look; bell of the ball!

Julia Remix said...

I like the shoes! A half size big is probably a good thing - I was absolutely hobbling by the end of dancing, and I think my feet were a half size bigger for a few days after.

P.S. I have decided to skip the EAD middleman. Too much impatience, too much posting lag.

blushingjoy said...

I love the shoes!! I think it will be lovely with your wedding dress!! I would definitely get the shoes. Does it have a capacity to stretch?? I know a lot of my shoes do, so I tend to buy true to my size and just break it in.

chicncheap said...

Saw the same shoes online and LOVED them. How are they working out now?

Oh and I left you an award of your choosing at my blog!

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