Dieting Solo

Is anyone out there not trying to lose weight? I feel like I'm bombarded by dieting ads, diet books, low-fat low-sodium low-carb options, meal plans, diet pills, gym membership deals, the Subway diet, the Taco Bell diet, the Special K diet, the Master Cleanse...you just can't escape the topic. I am both exhausted of hearing about weight loss and obsessed with it at the same time.

A couple years ago, the boy and I lost about 15 lbs each. After reducing his sugar intake and going to the gym for the first time, he lost weight. As a result, I ate better and went to the gym too. Hence my copy cat weight loss. For a while we would check each other and encourage healthier meals. We stopped drinking soda. I stopped eating dessert. And we started running on the beach together.

Fast forward to today. He's been really busy with work, and isn't trying to eat healthy and it just makes it doubly hard for me to not eat the donuts in the break room or get a McFlurry on my way home (I can walk to McD from my apartment). In a nutshell, it's been hard not having my partner in on the goal. Being good is so much easier when there is someone else encouraging you and trying to be fit too.

I bring this up now because next week I have my first dress fitting. Then, I have another one at the end of April, two more in May, and a final one in June. [I have two dresses, hence the multiple fittings.] I gained six pounds over the holidays (gee, I wonder why,) and today I am finally back down to my original weight pre-holiday food craziness. It feels good to fit into pants I couldn't wear a couple months ago.

Does your partner's food and exercise habits affect yours? How do you stay healthy as a couple?


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a bitch that during a very stressful time likely to induce weight loss/weight gain we've got to fit into dresses ordered well ahead of the date of the wedding?

ruthyann said...

ooohhhh....this is a toughie. I find the only way I can keep us both healthy is if I cook (which is fine..bc i love to cook). But when life is hectic (which it was before the wedding) it got super tough. we both gained weight before the wedding, fortunately, i was so excited the two days prior to the big day I couldn't eat and slipped right into my dress!

julia::ordinarysaturdays said...

DJ and I really like to cook together. This is good and bad. It is hard to keep healthy habits when you live with someone who isn't into it - I'm definitely more motivated to go to the gym when he's going with me!

Megan said...

I am married to the man with the fastest metabolism ever. He can eat whatever he wants and will gain zero weight. He's one that would go to the gym to try to gain some weight through muscle, but he doesn't. It is HARD to lose weight with him. Even though he wants to be on board with me eating healthier, it's just not easy with someone who doesn't understand how hard it can be. :(

Mo said...

@hitchdied: why yes it is! I'm hoping spanx will save the day if I gain a little in the waist, because that puppy is tight.

@ruthyann: I hear that happens to everyone, I hope it's true for me too!

@julia: I wish we cooked together, what a nice bonding experience. It's hard with his schedule, I never know when to expect to eat together.

@Megan: Me toooo. He'll eat a whole meal, hop on the scale, and say "oh hey, I thought I weighed more than this!" Infuriating!

buhdoop said...

We have definitely fallen off the workout wagon. When we were dating and were roommates we had a great workout and eating schedule. Now that we are long distance it is a bit tougher

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