Attempting a Tabletop Garden

[I love the colorful cacti! I hope to have a lot of them in my little tabletop garden.]

I'm domestically challenged. I can barely cook, don't know how to sew, and kill plants. 

Enter this bare patio table in front of our apartment:

[Our mini front patio]

We don't really sit at this table, it's wobbly and the chair is uncomfortable, and I've only used it for projects that involve paint and other toxic substances. But the other night when we had my friend over for dinner, she brought a housewarming gift: an herb garden. Hmmmm...Maybe that table has a purpose after all? Maybe...I can be ambitious and have a tabletop garden so people visiting will see what a domestic superstar *cough* I am. Yes? Yes!

I'm scared, so I might start with succulents because they seem easier to take care of than fragile flowers. Normally anything green makes me panic, but I'm kinda excited. It might even mean I can proliferate that table with ceramic woodland creatures:

["Owlivia" by Etsy seller 2chicksandafancyowl]

[Create Your Own Terrarium by Etsy seller blithegardens]

And we all know I just do things so I have a chance to buy cute woodland figurines. 

Do you garden? Does anyone garden from the confines of an apartment? Any tips for me?


BigAppleNosh said...

I love that last photo - I soooo do not have a garden, but I live vicariously through those who do ;)

julia said...

I've accepted that I cannot keep plants alive, except maybe if they have their roots in the ground. But I do love cute planters and terrariums, so good luck to you! I've heard that coffee grounds are good fertilizer, but haven't tried that yet.

Rosanna said...

Cute rug Mo!

Kristin said...

First, I love that you have a little patio where you have a little table. That's adorable. Second - what a fun project!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

What a great idea! I live in an apartment but, hopefully, won't be living in THIS apartment for much longer so no plants on the balcony. And I love your rug!

Mo said...

Thanks girls! Rug is from my second home, Target. :)

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