Has It Really Been 10 Years?

[15-year-old me]

I received an invite to my 10 year high school reunion. Things that are running through my head at this statement: 
1. I would need to watch Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion to prep. 
2. It would be fun to make a mix of songs I loved in high school, which consisted of lots of Moby, Ani DiFranco, and Beastie Boys. I also listened to an inordinate amount of Tori Amos, Radiohead, and Fiona Apple, which I think ultimately pulled me further into dramatic shenanigans. I'm pretty sure the summer of 2000 was spent listening to OK Computer and When the Pawn... over and over and over again. I wish I could go back to that year and switch out that CD with...oh, I don't know...Walking On Sunshine on repeat?
3. Not quite sure I want to go back to high school to see people I haven't seen in, well, 10 years. When I left high school, I really left high school. 

I wish I had loved high school more. I feel like such a cliche to say that high school was emotionally distressing and fraught with really stupid drama--but it totally was! I wasn't Josie Grossie, but I definitely fit into the oh-so-awkward and just plain weird category with identity issues. This girl you see in the white lace dress holding the pink peony bouquet in the left sidebar? She knows most of the words to all the songs for South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, will tell you everything wrong with Jar Jar Binks, and has seen too many horror movies. Have you watched that scene in Donnie Darko when Donnie (aka Jake Gyllenhaal) is annoyed by his friends' inane Smurfette discussion? That was us, plus some trees and a river for scenery, and Frank Zappa in the background.

In 10 years, I have definitely changed and am SO glad I am no longer in high school. I'm actually glad I didn't meet the boy in high school, because I don't think 15-year-old Mo and 15-year-old boy would actually get along. It was good we met when we did.

So, how about you--would you attend your high school reunion? Did you have a good high school experience? Don't you think Jar Jar Binks is just so amazingly annoying?



Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I wasn't a huge fan of high school either, and I didn't go to my reunion. Honestly, all the people I love the most from those days I still keep in touch with.

MayLove said...

My 10yr reunion should be this year also. Though now with Facebook, do they even have official reunions anymore? My husband's was last year and it was at a bar, in a different town, with like 15 people who arranged the thing on FB b/c they talk all the time there. There is no way you could pay me to go to my high school reunion. I live the next town over from where I went to high school- if I wanted to see any of those people, I probably could, but I don't. In fact, if I do happen to see them in public, I avoid them like the plague. Not that high school was a terribly bad experience, they are just all lame people not worth keeping in touch with. I agree- 28 year old Katie is NOTHING like 18 year old Katie- they'd probably not get along very well. Boy it sure makes you feel old though, huh?

Petite Cabbage Press said...

Wow! My school was a little smaller so they do "decade" or "half decade" reunions-- like "all the 90s classes!" all at once... so you don't know half the people!

This year I got the invite (rather my mom did, as I didn't update my mailing address so I wouldn't be asked for money) to go to the "'00-'05" reunion." It's only been eight years so it didn't feel as special as a "ten year reunion." That, plus being on the opposite coast now, plus the instant communication of facebook, plus, as my friend pointed out, "it's going to cost more to go than individual dinners at my wedding did," led me to stay put. I liked my high school friends, and stay in touch with my high school friends.... so, no thank you. Oh, I am also happy I met my boy after high school. While I think we may have gotten along, I don't think I would have been mature enough to make it through those awkward high school years with the same person I am with as an adult.

courtney and phil said...

nope no way, and i loved high school (mine is this year too)

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

I love Jar Jar Binks!! Yeah, he's annoying, but I still love him.

Wow, I'm surprised to read these comments and this post.. everyone I know (except for maybe two people) tells me they loved high school. They think I'M crazy because I didn't, ha! Some people have even told me it was the best time of their life and they'd pay money to go back. I don't know if I should be sad because I don't feel the same or beyond happy that I don't and expect my life to get much, MUCH better.

As for a reunion, I have no idea if I'd go, but since I've moved and I'm pretty sure they'd have no way of contacting me... my guess is no.

joyce said...

I wasn't too fond of my high school years. It was when we moved to Australia and I changed schools 3 times over 3 years. Trying to make new friends each year got a bit trying towards the end. Still, I made some very good friends in my last school and we're still in contact till this day so I guess it wasn't too bad after all.

I think our 10 year reunion is this year but nah, I don't think I can be bothered.

Carlene said...

I went to my 10yr. It was kinda fun. I think Facebook takes a lot of the fun outta it cuz you kinda already know what your high school folk are up to. But in any case it was fun getting into "high school" mode!


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I didn't know you were a Jar Jar expert! Hmm high school was an ok time for me. Life afterwards is pretty good and glad I didn't peak then!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

BigAppleNosh said...

I didn't attend my 10 year reunion, but I did enjoy stalking the pictures from it on facebook ;)

Kristin said...

I am nosy and I try to be friendly so I will probably go. But I was equally awkward and strange in high school, so I know how you feel. I would think (and hope) that we've all grown up and can put differences and judgement aside now though.. but who knows!

honey my heart said...

it's my 10 year this year, too! you just reminded me ;) i'm not sure if i'll be going to the reunion, but plan to see friends i haven't seen in a while/have a sort of mini-reunion.

ps- yay beastie boys.

More Than Rubies said...

Hi! I saw your comment that you left me and happily took a stroll over here. Beautiful blog, love it! I will be visiting here often, you can be sure of that!

very married said...

i think i would go back to my high school reunion... maybe just to say, "Suck it!" to my high school? i don't know. i really didn't like high school. but then again, i figure, if you loved high school so much that you wish you could go back and relive it, then life must not be so great for you now. and i'd say that life is going pretty well for me now.

Hello Cupcake said...

Just got my 10 yr reunion invite too! It’s totally met with mixed emotions. I don’t think I will decide if I am going or not until the very last minute.

Mo said...

@MayLove and Petite Cabbage Press: Cheers to being totally different from our high school selves!

@Joyce: Awww, that must have been so hard to be in a new country and then move multiple times! But I’m so glad you made friends in the end.

@Kristin: Oh I am SUPER nosy. The boy always asks me why I insist on asking so many questions. WELL, no one HAS to answer my questions! This is why we have Facebook.

@honey my heart: Huzzah! Another beastie boy fan.

@More Than Rubies: Welcome!

@very married: lol, I am so relieved that you feel that way. Reliving high school, no thank you.

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