My Absence + Wall Decals

[Gerbera wall decal by Ilan Dei]

I have no Internet connection at home since we moved, which is making my abysmal amount of posting even more pathetic for the month of April. The ironic thing is that since I have no Internet at home and cannot spend hours on end at my computer, the apartment is actually coming together quite well! Things are getting put away, dishes have been washed, laundry has been done. It's amazing the things you can do without cable and no Internet. Not that I won't cry with happiness once they are both set up, but still! The productivity one can benefit from without Netflix streaming and online shopping! Amazing I tell you. 

My next task after putting everything away is to make the apartment less graduate student chic and more like a "home". I haven't taken photos because not everything is put away, but visualize in your head a brown couch against a large white wall. What could you do to spruce that space up? 
(Keep in mind that you live with a boy who is paranoid of things falling on his head, so scratch off picture frames, mirrors, and other objects that hang as decorating possibilities.) 

My first solution is a large wall decal. I like that gerbera wall decal above--it's graphic, bold, bright, and will add a pop of color. But beyond the wall decal, I can't think of any solutions that don't involve hanging objects. Can you think of anything else we could do?

  Some of my other favorites:

[The Choir of Antarctica by Threadless]

[The Ugly Duckling by Vo Maria and Threadless]

[Invaders by BLIK]

Back to procrastinating from my homework--hope everyone is having a lovely Easter! 



zhing said...

the ugly duckling one is hilarious! :)

Mo said...

@zhing: Isn't it hilarious and adorable?? I also love how there is a brown couch in the shot, so I could potentially know what it would look like on our wall. :)

Kristin said...

I <3 wall decals! We have a Van Gogh painting (I promise it's not tacky.. well maybe a little bit...) and a Japanese pagoda with cherry blossoms one. Wall decals + those heavy duty no mark tape hooks are a renters best friend. Hope you having fun in your new place and imagining the possibilities!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I had no idea there were so many fun wall decals! And I completely get what you mean about the presence of Netflix leading to a decline in productivity. I think that's about to happen right around now for me... Hope you had a great weekend!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Wall decals are awesome - do it!

Have a great week dear!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Paul said...

Do you remember my cousin's girlfriend Marlene the artist? Well of course you do! Anyhow, she's been working on a business with her friend where they paint room murals http://bumbleandbeemurals.com/
They are meant for kids but it's a cool idea for an adult space too. I especially like the special paint they use that actually functions as a chalkboard.

BigAppleNosh said...

Oh, how fun!! Love the decals :)

Mo said...

@Kristin: Love Van Gogh and Japanese prints. We went to his museum in Amsterdam and it was fun to see his attempts at recreating some of the Japanese prints!

@Paul: Yes! I do remember. We went to her art show and saw a documentary they made together.
What a talented duo, the walls are so cute and cheerful! And I see they have owls, which automatically win me over. This would be incredible in a children's library space too, very warm, friendly and inviting.

honey my heart said...

the choir of antartica is just too cute!

joyce said...

Lol.. I love the ugly duckling decal! We have brown couches in our apartment too that we're trying to make pretty. They are difficult to work with, aren't they? I think the wall decals are a great idea if you don't want hanging objects. What about having fabrics on the wall? Won't hurt anyone if they fall down.

Kat said...

The ugly duckling decal is so quirky and unique! It would be hard to find a good spot for it but it would make a fun conversation-starter.
- Kat


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