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Remember I went to go see the Tim Burton exhibit?

Guess who also went to see the Tim Burton exhibit, and was standing in line RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. 

No, not Tim Burton. Someone much prettier with a cooler wedding.

miss.t of ...and that's why I love you so !
 [Wasn't she a striking bride? Photo by White Haute Photography and Ohana Photographers via Style Me Pretty]

Can you believe that we just happened to be in the same line, on the same day, right next to each other, after following each others' blogs? Makes me realize just how small our blogosphere really is!

Have you ever recognized other bloggers outside the comforts of your computer?

[You can find miss.t blogging here and see her wedding photos on Style Me Pretty here.]


honey my heart said...

how funny! i was just reading her post after i read yours the other day. truly a small world.

miss.t said...

Awww thanks, Mo ~ this is super sweet! :) I hope we will meet again (and I won't be so shy and I'll say hi!) :P

BigAppleNosh said...

Oh, how fun!! :)

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