When Clothes Don't Fit

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Do you remember that bathing suit? Well, I couldn't even get it over my thighs (commence violin playing.) To be fair to myself and women everywhere trying this particular suit on, there is boning in the bust, making it impossible to fit over hips that might be larger than one's bust. Since my hips are way bigger than my rib cage and I didn't want to risk ripping the suit, back it went to the store. Le sigh.

On that note, yesterday I started on my diet kick again--about a month before our summer vacation and my cousin's wedding. It does not help that things like this pop up on NPR::Kitchen:

I've gained the newlywed nine and am trying to make it the newlywed four. I'm amazed at how many people tell me five pounds is nothing, when it takes me six-eight weeks of eating much, much less than I'm capable of and exercising four-five times a week.

Is anyone else dieting in time for summer? That nutella looks good, doesn't it?


Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

These look so delicious! Yuuum.. now I'm hungry and have to go to sleep what will seem like an empty stomach, ha!

Sorry about the swimsuit. :(

honey my heart said...

that nutella is looking too good! i've been hoping to get on a diet plan this summer, but always seem to find myself trapped eating decadence. good luck with your dieting.

More Than Rubies said...

Aw, the swimsuit was so cute! I gained the newlywed 14, or so. I was totally in the dumps but luckily managed to shed 10 of that before I got pregnant. I want nutella now. A nutella pie, if you will. :o)

ruthy ann said...

I totally gave up. If my hubby is happy with my body then I will be...bring on the nutella! :)

Petite Cabbage Press said...

Looks like people missed commenting!

At least the newlywed nine sounds better than the freshman fifteen (and yes, I did gain 15 pounds my freshman year of college. yech.) So I suppose I have this to look forward to O_O

And 5 pounds is a lot if it's a high enough percentage of your weight, which I'm sure it is with you!

miss.t said...

O wow those nutella desserts look amazing!!!

And I think you looked great when I saw you! :D

Mo said...

Yay comments! Thanks girls. :)

Mmmmm nutella pie...would be so good right now after my veggie burger...decadence sounds pretty good after eating lettuce and hummus

@Petite Cabbage Press: Think of it as pounds put on by sheer joy and affection by being married to one you love. :)

Mo said...

@miss t: awwww thank you!! you looked great too in your haute boots!

Katie said...

The newlywed nine--I can't believe I haven't heard that before! I definitely gained them (plus maybe a little extra) and I'm trying to lose them before I end up buying new clothes. Good luck with making the diet changes!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Nutella is so dangerous. You need to tell me more about this diet. I've been on one too lately, and while it's definitely made me feel great, all I want right now is a giant slice of homemade pizza.

Mrs. A (aka Katie) said...

Man, I'd be thrilled if I only gained 4 lbs since our wedding, too! I'm sure it's at least ten, if not double that. Sad face.

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