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Thank you to elephant is love for the Tell Me About Yourself award! As part of the award, I'm supposed to write 7 random things about myself. I'm feeling particularly boring these days, but let's see if I can gather 7 tidbits about yours truly.

1. I was an Asian Tracy Flick.
Or some might say I'm still Tracy Flick, but I like to think I've calmed down since then. Really. I didn't tear down any campaign posters and then lie about it, but I was definitely aggressive about what I wanted in high school and stressed myself out about being (my idea of) "perfect". And then I went to Berkeley and met a bunch of other Tracy Flicks and got humble really fast. There's nothing like getting a paper with no mark on it, just the message "REWRITE" in red, as a way to shake someone up and say WAKE UP!

[Did you watch Asian Annie (the counterpart to Jewish Annie) on Community? Hilarious! I creepily have several outfits that look just like that...cute glasses, Annie!]

2. I can lick my elbow. Go ahead, try it. I'll wait. 


...Did you do it??? Did you? Our nerdy doctor friends found out that I can only lick my right elbow because my right shoulder is double-jointed. 

3. If all goes well, I graduate this spring!!!! By the end of this year, no more working full-time and going to school part-time. Let's take a big sigh of relief together. 

[From here]

4. I ate at Burger Lounge with the boy for lunch. I had a quinoa burger with white cheddar. I think this is the best burger in San Diego, it is SO yummy!

5. I already have a boy name and a girl name picked out for our future children. I'm not telling you for fear that you will laugh or tell me that someone horrible in your life was named that. I realize this is crazy since we are 1) not pregnant, and 2) not ttc. Although, I feel like one step in the right direction knowing what that acronym means!

6. I love working with kids. During a corporate job interview having nothing to do with kids or art or education, I admitted that the best job I ever had was working with kids at an art and science camp. 

I didn't get the job. 

7. I'm in the market for a good printer (for photos and scrapbooking, plus all the basic b+w printing I have for school,) and a tablet to read eBooks. Any suggestions?? 

The award indicates that I have to tag people, but it's hard to choose among all my blog friends. Consider yourself tagged, and if you feel inclined, tell me something random about yourself in the comments. :) 

Hope everyone has a lovely start to the week! 


Jess said...

This was so cute! And I would love to try a quinoa burger, sounds yummy!

PS are those sweet potato fries in the background?

More Than Rubies said...

Something random about me: I have a little mole on my right hand in between my fourth and pinky fingers. My mom used to tell me that if I ever got stolen, she would find me based on my mole. My daughter has a mole on her left bicep and if she ever gets stolen (God forbid!), I'd find her based on that.

ruthy ann said...

i tried to lick my elbow...couldn't do it :) I miss the burger lounge!!!

Mo said...

@Jess: Onion rings! :)

@More Than Rubies: Y'know what, I have a little mole on my left hand at the base of my pinky! We're mole sisters.

@ruthy ann: A worthy try!

Kelly in DC said...

I love my nook!

punkychewster said...

yay! i love this 7 things about yourself thing! i have no idea what you were talking about in #1 though. I shall have to google tracy flick and asian annie!

oh and ttc? what is that?? i feel totally out of the loop!

honey my heart said...

i'd love to work with kids too!

miss.t said...

lol i love asian annie and community! :D

i don't know what ttc is either...???

Mo said...

I'm sorry for the absence!

@punkychewster: You should watch Election!: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_%281999_film%29. And then all will be clear. :)

@miss t and punkychewster: ttc=trying to conceive!

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