White Glasses, Yay or Nay?

[The Webb frame in Black Crystal and Crystal Matte. This is a "virtual try-on," a feature that lets you upload a photo so you can see what you would look like with the glasses on]

Ah, glasses.

My prescription gets worse every year, and again, my current glasses aren't letting me see to my full potential. Last year, the boy purchased some frames from Warby Parker. He loves his frames, and the delivery was swift and customer service super nice. So, I might jump on the Warby Parker bandwagon myself. And I have my eye (pun intended) on the Webb frame.  

But I need your help. I am really tempted to get the "crystal matte" but I'm not sure if they'll look OK. I've always just gotten black, except when I was 9 and got blue with pink flecks, and when I was 13 and had a Lisa Loeb obsession. 

What do you think, white glasses? Yes? No? Stick with black? Get some orange frames?



honey my heart said...

orange! i do like the white :)

Mo said...

Thanks Honey! I'm thinking maybe the lack of comments here means people do not like the white, ha! I may just get them anyway. :)

Petite Cabbage Press said...

I know someone who has turquoise glasses and they became her TRADEMARK. Anything turquoise, we would say "Anne, it's your color!" Didn't you almost get the orange bathing suit (that you had to return?) If orange looks good on you, get em! White looks nice too. Be prepared for it to become your "thing" amongst the people you know if you go with a crazy color :) If you're a librarian, you have to rock your glasses, right?

miss.t said...

i think the black looks great, but i am definitely also liking the white on you! it's so different and unique. :)

Mo said...

@Petite Cabbage Press: Good memory! I DID buy the orange bathing suit! And I think rocking cool glasses is on the librarian checklist. I will have to weigh my options.

@miss.t: Thanks T! :)

Terese said...

i like them! i say go for the white!

joyce said...

I like the white too coz it's different to what everyone else usually get. I vote for white! :>

::little projects in style:: said...

black looks classic but i like the white too. it looks a little frosted! and not toooo stark!

BOTH!! :)

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