When Life Gets Busy, Crafts Suffer

Where did I go? I'm heading into week 4 of the quarter, and it's showing in my crafts, and basically all aspects of my domestic life. I will, however, brag that I was able to wash the dishes AND do laundry this week. Also, I've noticed that I have missed out on several weeks of my favorite podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour, which is just inexcusable. I think it's a travesty when NPR is not included in my life. I have however been able to squeeze a teeny tiny bit of time for one of the best craft times of the year--Halloween! I swear, if I wasn't up at night reading about AACR2 and MARC records, I would be crafting up a storm.

I've planned two crafts for myself, one is my costume (soon to come!) and the other is *drum roll please* Glitter pumpkins!

[You can make your own glittered pumpkins too, here are the instructions]

I think this craft came out OK and I probably should have taken Martha's suggestions on the colors. Blue with bits of orange peeking out? Not that cute. But I just couldn't resist the blue! I also sprinkled some glow-in-the-dark glitter in there, which I did not know existed before Saturday.

Also, how did Martha NOT get glitter on the stem? If you're doing this craft, I recommend finding pumpkins with very long stems so you have a better chance of not getting the stem bombarded by glitter.

Still, even with these shortcomings, they are pretty eye-catching in the middle of our table. And the mini-pumpkins I got? Too adorable.

What's your favorite part of Halloween?


honey my heart said...

yay glittered pumpkins! i'm in the midst of some glitter crafts and have been wanting to do pumpkins. also love the blue :)

::little projects in style:: said...

would taping the stem help to keep the glitter away?

i like the blue its a unique pumpkin color! :)

Mo said...

@honey: Thanks Honey!

@little projects in style: Ah! Tape! I could have used painter's tape! Next time, next time. What would I do without my blogger buddies? :)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I really love getting dressed up, but I haven't gotten to do it for years! Sadly, I think this year, the holiday will slip by again, as it's a Monday and only my second week at the new job.

And I so wish I could see what your pumpkins look like in the dark!

Mo said...

@Brandi: I have yet to see them glow in the dark, but perhaps I'll try it out now and report back. :)
Also, YOU GOT A JOB?? Congratulations Brandi! That is wonderful. I'm glad everything is going well for you!

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