Wedding Meltdown Update

Thanks for all the support bloggers! You all made me feel better, and reminded me that no one is safe from folding chairs, lovebirds, poor date choices, or the dentist (ugh, sorry to anyone who is a dentist or in dental school out there! Or anyone just really protective of dentists.)

Throughout my obsessive dedicated years to blogging, I would read about people stepping away from the high gloss wedding blogs and wedding magazines because all the gorgeous pictures make you go NUTS from wanting to attain the perfect/but look like you didn't try too hard perfect/and you spent pennies and constructed this chandelier from cardboard/and have a printmaker as your fiance who will magically make all the printed products/and the whole shebang looks like it's from Martha Stewart Magazine/but no one actually from MS helped you because you are THAT GOOD/high five! No, no, that won't be me, I read plenty of blogs of real people, and I know that things go wrong. I'm cool. Not gonna happen. My wedding isn't a contest. I TOTALLY understand and will not be phased by all the hullabaloo or pain myself to stress about the little things. Nope, not me.

Two words: cake topper.

I've come to a point in the planning where it stresses me out to look at really pretty, lushly planned events, and I steadily have stopped looking at them as religiously. Le sigh.

High five!



A Los Angeles Love said...

High five is right, and glad to see you've regained your lovely perspective. I also find that the pretty event sites sort of bore me now. I know our look and feel (for the moment, but I'm still 16 months out, so who knows) and I just research for specific ideas associated with that. The rest? Meh.

honey my heart said...

it's awesome that you've come out of it level headed and with the right things in mind. i've stopped reading/looking at all the pretty, fancy, expensive weddings because i would catch myself thinking "oh i wish we did that". real bride blogs are the best anyway. and from reading your blog, i know your wedding will be perfectly you.

Anonymous said...

Relationships are like
relation ships
braving the high seas
on unimaginable trips
they've got their ups
they've got their dips
sometimes it's clear
sometimes there's blips
and everyone
will have their tips
but it's up to you
to ensure that ship don't flip
though the engine my blow
and the sail may rip
you gotta hold on tight
with that kung fu grip
when you're facing troubled waters
you just flip that script
take a moment
and let it sit
do something else
but keep it in your memory chip
and then ask yourself
if it's worth cracking the whip
or it's no big deal
and it’s something to skip
cause there will be plenty
that can get you unzipped
but there’s also a whole hell of a lot
that makes relation ships hip
and while the destination is unknown
I wish you well, and hope you make it.

Lieberman out ;)

Chocolate Lover said...

So glad you are feeling better and finding your way around all this madness. I think at some point or another it gets the best of all of us, and we just need to take a step back and regroup.

A Fortunate Bride said...

High five right back at ya. You'll be OK, we all have those moments. Even when you take away all the stupid "your wedding must be perfect" stuff, it's still a big complicated event to plan. It's stressful but all you can do is keep perspective, which you are doing very well.

I left you a present on my blog!


that's a great plan! glad you're feeling better. have a great weekend :)

Westside Wedding said...

High Five!!! I know what you mean..lately I have concentrated more on weddings of bloggers who give a true perspective of a "real" wedding. I could drive myself crazy and empty my bank account to have a wedding that is on those sites but in the end that doesn't mean the wedding would be fun. They show you the details but you don't hear how amazing it was from the guests and the wedding party.

Foxywedding said...

Good for you! Even though I have a wedding blog...though not a fancy shiny one, I encourage defection - even if it is only temporary. Nothing in this world is perfect. The last thing you need is to compare your wedding to others events. No matter what you will always find your own wonderful self inspired wedding lacking. Believe me I know the feeling. Stay strong & carry on!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Yep, totally agree. It's way too much pressure looking at some sites. Dude, I spent HOURS making fascinators for my girls and no one wore them. But I didn't notice until later because we were all busy dancing and partying.

Whatever happens, you're going to have a rocking party girl. :)

buhdoop said...

High Five! That is so true, looking at all those artsy/anthropologie/effortless weddings does make me feel somehow inadequate.

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Great post - you just need to make your wedding about you and your fiance - that's the most important part!

Luxe-Ville said...

You'll be alright... you and the boy can't agree on every last detail! It's pleasing everyone else that always seems to be the problem.

Cheer up! :)

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Oh, Mo, I wish I could give you a hug! But I will tell you that everything will work itself out (which you know, but it helps to be told this sometimes). I stopped watching TV shows like 'Say Yes to the Dress', 'Bridezilla's, etc. because they made me physically ill. I also stopped reading a lot of the blogs out there, and even stopped reading WB. I posted there, but didn't read anyone else's posts (oops, don't tell!) It was just too overwhelming for me. Everyone gets to a breaking point, and the closer the date looms, the more pressure you may feel. I think whatever you are going through and feeling is completely normal. I hope you feel better asap. xo

Mo said...

You're all so wonderful. :)
Your comments made me smile, thanks so much for sending some love my way.

@chicncheap: Really?? I'm so sorry. =(
I would have worn it!!
@TLTDG: Funny you mention WB...I get really nervous when I read the advice bulletin board! Everyone gets so hyper on those that it gets me all antsy, or I read about horror stories and then automatically think that all this planning will be doomed at some point because one person decided to write about it on the Internet.

Bells said...

Mo - you rock! You just hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head.
I also find myself getting wedding fatigue from looking at too many pretty pictures and start think nothing is original any more. I have to remind myself that most of my guests won't have been trawling blogland quite as much as me!

Maggie said...

This is a huge step in wedding planning - congrats! Editing so that you stop taking in all that extra stuff that's titillating but unnecessary is hugely important to pulling it off without emotional angst. And just wait - unsubscribing from all wedding blogs entirely after your wedding is just as necessary and soul-soothing. So funny how inspiration can turn on us so quickly... :-)

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