Wedding Meltdowns

Have you had one? Because I had one big time this weekend. Stress, lack of sleep, too much work, and feeling neglected all manifested itself into one big "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" behavior, which, the poor boy had to endure for a good two to three hours while the cat sat in my lap bewildered. 

I won't go into the gorey details, but all of the emotions and frustrations from the week exploded into one topic: a cake topper. That's right, out of all the things in the world to pick on, I chose to blame everything on the boy not wanting a cake topper. No actual, emotion wrenching, heart aching or traumatic problems. No one died, no one is sick, no one lost a job, no one is without food or a roof over their heads. That's right. A cake topper. I'm like a five-year-old. 

"I'm so tired...*hiccup*...and I have jury duty this week and...and it starts at 7:45...*hiccup*...and next week I have a dentist appointment and they like ALWAYS make me pay for x-rays...*hiccup*...and I haven't bought my ticket to go home and prices are rising and I HATE going to the airport during the holidays...*hiccup*...and...and...and...*hiccup*...you don't want a cake topper!!"

Not my proudest moment, but to cut through more hiccuping and annoying banter, when I came out of my irrational Mo wedding meltdown mode, I came to a conclusion (mostly because the boy just wasn't caring too much about it.) 
We're just not going to buy a cake topper. Problem solved! I still want a single cake to cut, so we might just get some flowers to decorate it. Like this beauty from Maple Sugar (I LOVE all the pictures on this blog!): 

[Image from Maple Sugar]

I hope to have no more temper tantrums or wedding meltdowns. For at least 2 months. 



Megan said...

Don't worry. My biggest wedding meltdown - finding out that the best man had started dating a girl I don't like. Yeah...I'm that sad.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh dear! It's OK Mo. Sometimes a good ol' fashion meltdown (in the comfort of your own home) is needed...helps you to release some stress, and then you brush yourself, have some ice cream and carry on! Hope you're feeling better. :)

Emily said...

I developed an obsession with lovebirds cake toppers, and husband just couldn't understand. In the end, I decided it really wasn't important, and we chose a sweet red bow to sit on top of our cake. It was perfect. Hang in there!

A Los Angeles Love said...

Aw Mo - let's not blame the cake toppers, because you know it's really Jury Duty and the dentist that sent you over the edge. Normal. We all have stressball moments that reflect themselves in odd ways, even if we DON'T have weddings on our plate.

And I think flowers on wedding cakes are lovely, for what it's worth. Nice compromise. Yay.


LOL Mo! I'm sorry to laugh but you're just hysterical. The hiccups in the middle of it all??? You poor thing!

Sorry about your meltdown, but it is a great way to relieve some stress. That's me to a T. I hold it all in and then have a great big massive meltdown over something seemingly so trivial.

I hope you're feeling much better now and don't worry. Flowers are a lovely idea :)

julia::ordinarysaturdays said...

That is a pretty cake. I'm sorry about the meltdown, I think it's somewhat inevitable when you're planning something so emotionally charged while still going through the trials of your regular life. Life plus school, in your case! My meltdown was about folding chairs, btw. Shameful.

honey my heart said...

oh, mo. so sorry to hear about the meltdown (they are so inevitable). but glad you made it through :) and your cake choice and flowers is definitely a good idea!

A Fortunate Bride said...

Why yes, actually. I had a similar experience last week over candlesticks for the reception tables. But instead of crying I was just sraight-up bitching.

Miss T said...

I think that cake is beautiful. And I have had a plenty of wedding overload hand me the chocolate moments! Your blog is so fun. x

Wifey Wiferson said...

Two days before the wedding we had a meltdown due to the fact that we hadn't bought enough ribbon to finish the programs that day. No foolin. There were a variety of serious things we could have had a meltdown over, but that was it. Sometimes you just need to let it out.

p.s. we just got some more ribbon in the morning. No casualties there.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Dearest, big *hugs* (sorry been behind on blog reading).
We didn't even have our original cake! We had ice cream cake and they defrosted the uglier back up cakes for less time than the nice pretty cake. Our coordinator just put some roses on top of our cake. Whatever, we didn't care because we still ate ice cream!

Abbie said...

I think everyone has a wedding meltdown at some point during the process... completely and totally natural. If it makes you feel any better-- we didn't have a cake topper at all. I loved so many different ones, but I decided I just didn't want to spend the $$... only after obsessing over them.

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