8 Months

We're 8 months out as of yesterday. 8 months sounds like a loooong time, but considering I have done very little for the wedding in the past two, I have a feeling it's going to go by fast.

Some fun updates:
+We decided to order dresses from Saja in jade (above)! The sisters just have to try on the silhouettes and order by December so that it ships in time for any alterations.
I think we've had two other game plans prior to this one, but I hope this one sticks because I'm in love with that color (and we have to order soon!)
Bridesmaid dresses...99% check!

+My Mom and Grandmother are flying down in January to go cheongsam shopping with me and to browse stores in L.A., Orange County, and San Diego for their own wedding outfits.
Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go in L.A. for a cheongsam? I tried Yelp, but nothing looked very promising. When they visit we'll be 5 months out! Eek!

Still need...
+a suit (there's a whole saga behind the suit, but when it's resolved, I'll share!)
+a music plan
+a ceremony
+a license
+decorations (this would probably require its own list...)
+invitations/rsvp card
+a honeymoon plan
+ties for fathers and brother
+gameplan for where we are getting ready and staying that night

...man, I was just writing the "still need" part because I was so proud of how much we've done, but apparently the still need list is kinda long!

Can you think of anything else to add to the list? Got any store recommendations for a cheongsam in L.A.?



Tracy-Girl said...

It will come VERY soon :) Time goes so quickly, and then just wait until the day - it flies by!

Carly said...

Beautiful bridesmaids dresses!! Love it! You are doing great with 8months left. For me, time really started to fly around 5 months. You''ll be just fine. Wish I had some recs for you. I'll keep an eye out. Best of luck!

honey my heart said...

cute dress choice and lovely color. good luck w/ your list, time will fly before you know it. :)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

oooh, good choice...love the Saja dresses!

re:cheongsam shopping in LA....my cousin said to avoid San Gabriel and do downtown LA. Although, being from the East coast, she found hers in NYC (perhaps a visit to see your sister?). Good luck!

Emilia Jane said...

8 months!? I feel like I should have a lot more done. But Martha says I don't have to do it until January.

blushingjoy said...

Gorgeous choices for the bridesmaid dresses!! Not long to go now!!

Abbie said...

Love, love, love the color!! But, I'm a bit biased because we used green for our girls. Very fun dresses!

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