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Since I was up north over the weekend for the bridal shower, I also took care of some Sacramento/Chinese wedding items. It was a busy weekend. Right now I'm sitting in my yoga clothes, listening to lectures I've missed, and looking at 3 loads of laundry on my bed that I should fold. It's so nice. 

Ok, back to last weekend. I tried on my cheongsam for the first time, which is being made at Ling's in Oakland. Instead of the traditional red, I decided to go with gold, purely for aesthetic reasons. I just thought it looked better on me.
[Here is Connie of Ling's working her magic. I believe she is sewing the ends of the sleeves in this picture. By the look on my face I bet I was sucking in my stomach.  You can't really see it clearly in this photo, but there is an oval near my neck to indicate where the keyhole neckline will be.]

It was actually a little surprising to see myself in the dress with my hair up and my shoes on. I felt a little like this, minus the white makeup and golf clubs: 

[My dress is going to have two pipings, one gold and the other pink. This is what the fabric looks like with the pipings, which will trim the neckline, the arms, and the slits and bottom of the dress.]

[The buttons were custom-made to match the piping, this is what it all looks like together.]

[I also had a wonderful time having a hair trial at Salon Paisley in Sacramento. Ashley did my hair and she managed to make my hair look so full with big curls. I kept touching it all day, which probably wasn't the best idea because my constant touching probably led to it falling out quicker. It was also really reasonably priced in comparison to other quotes I received in Sacramento, and definitely in comparison to Southern California! Plus, she was so nice and sweet, so if you're in Sacramento and in need of a new stylist, I recommend her! I booked her to do my hair for the banquet, where I will try really hard not to touch my curls.]

Add some gold and jade, and I'll be all set to greet 200 Chinese people I do not know. 


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Gorgeous. Gold is definitely your colour. I love your last line...."200 people I don't know"...that's a Chinese wedding banquet for you! All about the parents. :)

Mo said...

@TPB: Thank you! :)
Ahaha...I knew you'd understand! Not that I don't enjoy this new dress, or getting my hair done, or going cake tasting for this big, beautiful cake my parents ordered (I didn't take photos there, boooo) but yes. I hope it's everything they ever dreamed of.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

The dress and your hair are absolutely stunning! You will shine, whether you know most of the people or not!!!

(I wanted to invite you back to the newest Wedding Inspiration Board Contest!) your entry last year was so cool! can't wait to see what you come up with this time!

Have a great weekend, and hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

GOLD! I love it! Also the closeups of the fabric are just stunning.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

OOOooohh the color looks great on you and I love the contrast piping! Your hair will be lovely - full and great!

Mo said...

Thank you everyone! I was a little worried since it's not traditional (not worried about how I like it, but how my future in-laws would feel) so let's hope they like it as much as I do!

@Kelley: I wish I could enter! It's like someone stuffed my life in a bottle and shook it up. =(

honey my heart said...

looks great! the color and details are amazing, mo.

Anonymous said...

You mean 199 Chinese people that you don't know - 'cause I would hope you know me ;p

Mo said...

@dayseye: 300 people are estimated to attend. So, you were included in one of the 100 people I would know, including my family, first, second, and third cousins. :D


OMG Mo it's gorgeous!!! I looove the piping. The colors are gorgeous. Hope you had a great weekend :)

Bells said...

So pretty and I love the colour combo - very original and totally works.
And you know Mo - I find it quite touching how you've given the banquet over to your parents as "their" thing.

blushingjoy said...

Your cheongsam looks beautiful!! Love the pink piping. And I love love love you hair!! Feels like everything is happening all at once now!! Can't wait till the day!

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