Stress Zits and Other Gross Things on My Face

Right before we took our engagement pictures, I got a huge stress zit. I think I must have coated that thing with layers of makeup, which would probably make my dermatologist cry. And here I am, with another one. Work has been really stressful, and I have a paper due Sunday, a presentation tomorrow, invitations I have not sent out yet, and research to do on a dj (we decided we might have one after all!) It's all over my face. At least I finally did my taxes this weekend.

Despite the fact that I have a mountain of drugs from my doctor for my skin, I STILL get stress zits. At my last appointment, the nurse told me that I could go in the week of the wedding and get a cortizone shot to zap any. I had never heard of doing it, so I looked at her and said "I'm sorry, what? A shot? Get rid of my deeply embedded zit with a shot? My cat gets cortizone shots for her allergies, I never realized I could get a cortizone shot for my vanity. Is there a reason the dermatologist didn't mention this option before?" She basically laughed at me, told me to "not stress" and to take my meds. I've got the meds part down, yoga is helping with the no stress part.

So...I'm curious. Has anyone gotten a cortizone shot for zits? Does it actually work? Is the dermatologist's office keeping tabs on you before the wedding like they are with me?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Unfortunately, I can attest to cortisone shots for zits. I had them a few times from 1 dermatologist. It is indeed a quick tiny sting that will leave you slightly bloody at the zit's location. It is effective though for pimples and calms inflammation within a day or 2. So sure go for it.
Why isn't there an expiration points on zits? Seriously. I have minor breakouts this week and I'm too old for this.

Luxeville said...

I don't know about cortisone shots... but I do know a thing or two about stress breakouts. I've been experiencing them for years and am currently recovering from a bad round. Ugh...

The yoga, chamomile tea, etc. can all be helpful... but the best solution is restful sleep. It's probably harder to fit in with all the things that are on your mind... but you'd be surprised how much your face and body can recover after 3 consecutive nights of great sleep. :)

ruthy ann said...

i did it once...it took a few days for the zit to go down...and it left a slight scar (not permanent though). Ugh, I hate zits...i never had one growing up but they hit me in my mid 20's and I still get them in my 30s!!

buhdoop said...

I actually think I have seen this on "my super sweet sixteen" or some other show like that back in the day.

This one girl had a huge zit, threw a humongous fit, and her dad took her to the dermatologist who injected something into her face. In retrospect I think it may have been cortisone.

The zit was gone the next day.

Chocolate Lover said...

I have never heard of this but am totally intrigued!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Ugh. I had a huge zit last weekend, right in time for my boudoir session. So not pretty. Thank god for photoshop. I've had friends do the cortisone shots - it apparently bring the inflammation way down. You still have to don the concealer etc but at least the 'bump' part is gone.

A.Mountain.Bride said...

oh wow...at least there is hope if something decides to crash my face the weekend of my wedding :-)

I have a sick skin rehab story to tell you: dermatologists aren't covered on my health care plan...so I can't afford to go to one. But back in December I started getting WICKED nasty backne. I've never, in my life, dealt with that. I started stressing BIGTIME because my wedding dress is strapless and I have short hair so there is nothing to hide it. So I took matters into my own hands and started blasting the shit with loads of products:
1. I washed twice a day with antibacterial body wash with .15% Triclosan (mine was Dial)
2. Swipped with Stridex pads twice daily (with 2% Salicylic acid)
3. Used Oxy spot treatment (with 10% benzoyl peroxide) at night.

I started this routine in February. All clear. PRAISE GOD.

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

I'm sorry you get stress zits. I, too, am a victim of them, and I can't stand them. Why do they hurt so much? And they are never the ones you can pop (sorry if TMI)! Anyway - I have had a few cortisone shots in my day. In college, I was over-stressed and broke out like crazy on my forehead. I had a few HUGE ones and my dermatologist at the time gave me shots in my forehead. Yowzas. Thankfully it sounds worse than it is. And, although expensive, it works like a charm!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that stress zits may not actually be stress zits- they could be caused be your diet:


for some people, it can also be soy. (but only if you are allergic to soy)

I actually used to get them every month, and I decided to drastically reduce my sugar AND white bread. I haven't seen one since February.

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