The Invitations: Part 2

[Our Chinese invites!]

Those of you who have been reading for a bit know that we are having two parties, one American and one Chinese. The boy's parents are not fluent in English, and many of our guests speak Cantonese, so we had the invitation translated (you can see it above.) I do not know Chinese, so we hired the lovely folks at H2 Cards in San Francisco to help me. They made it really easy by sending me a file (and our parents to proof,) which I then placed in my own design. If you are in need of a Chinese translation, I highly recommend them!

These are offset printed and not letterpress, but I still wanted to make them look fancier, so I wrapped each one in a doily using a bone folder and had these custom stickers made from Mau Studio. I love the stickers so much, and the designer even threw in some extras!

[This is how it looks fresh from the envelope! I have a whole lotta doilies now. I bought them in a 500 pack from Paper Mart. We'll try and find use for them at the Chinese banquet, otherwise I'll have to find creative ways to wrap everything up in doilies.]

[It pains me to block out our names. It really does. Especially when the pretty script is ruined by it!]

Design: Me
Printing: H2 Cards/Catprint
Chinese Translation: H2 Cards
Doilies: Paper Mart
Stickers: Mau Studio

Is anyone else doing multilingual invitations?


Luxeville said...

Ugh... yes! German and English! German words are soooooo long! *shakes fist*

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh my loveliness. These rock. Seriously, they are the coolest chinese invites I've ever seen.

p.s. If you ever want to sell the remaining doilies, I could likely buy them off you.

Chocolate Lover said...

They look beautiful! We are having 2 invitations too, one in English and the other in Greek
P.S Stop by and check out my shoe giveaway!

honey my heart said...

so gorgeous!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Love the custom stickers!!! Well done on both invites! I'm impressed.

buhdoop said...

Those look wonderful! That are so cool. And I love the sticker!!

Anonymous said...

My sister did Spanish and English. We tried so many different ways to get both languages on the same stationary to cut costs, but ended up splurging on two sets. At the time it seemed like a huge pain, but at least we were using characters that any printer could handle, and didn't have to work around insanely long German words!

Anyway, your invitations are absolutely beautiful. Well done.

Anonymous said...

pretty invites!!!!! I love both sets!

I'm doing both spanish and english!!!

miss.t said...

these are lovely!! i love the doily wrap!!!

Mo said...

Thank you to everyone for your kind words about our Chinese invitations! It's so great to hear how many of you are doing multilingual invites too.

@Chic 'n Cheap: I'll let you know about the doilies! I have so many we could have tea parties everyday for a year.

Bells said...

Thought long and hard about how to get two (of our three!) languages on our invitations (German and English) but it was so tricky to get it right without being a total mess and confusing (Luxeville - I sympathise) so we stuck to English with a smidge of Italian.
These are gorgeous Mo - I'm completely in awe and can't decide which set I think are prettier.

Amberdawn said...

Those look gorgeous :)

blushingjoy said...

These are gorgeous again, Mo! I love how you had the doilies envelopes... very very pretty!

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