Hi-res photos make me squeel

[That's my wow I'm so excited right now face. Charming, right? I felt it fit with the mood of this post. Hi-res pictures! Huzzah!]

Our disc of hi-res images arrived today. I've been waiting for them to tackle my next and possibly last wedding project--our album. I decided to design the album myself, but now I'm torn as to what to use. Should I be adventurous and use a good old laserjet printer, my InDesign skills, and a cloth cover I make myself? Or do I go with convenience and use a book making site like Blurb? (You can check out the engagement photo book I made two years ago here.)

What is your favorite book-making site? What would you do if you had a thousand photos on your hands and the energy of a little schoolgirl that just got a brand new box of crayons?

[Images by Jessamyn Harris and Sheri Tennison Berg for Jessamyn Harris Photography]


BigAppleNosh said...

Awww, love that photo on the right! I heard good things about Adoramapix!

Gina said...

Cute pics! I say be adventurous and print the photos. The books that can be made online are really nice and I have a few, but you so rarely see actual photo albums these days with actual printed photos.

Maya said...

You look SO pretty!

Brandi said...

Mo, you look GORGEOUS in these photographs! I love the smile on you in that second one. You just look so very very happy.
Have a great weekend, my dear! Hope to see you again soon.

percy handmade said...

So gorgeous! No idea about book making sites but I do know that those photos are incredible!

Mo said...

@BigAppleNosh: Thanks for the tip! I might try them out for the honeymoon book, and then if I like it do our wedding album with them! I'm concerned about the limit to 75 pages though. I have a lot to document.

@Gina: Good advice Gina, I was looking for a nice box I could use to just put the prints in it. It might be a nice way to hold a lot of prints and also have a book.

@Maya, Brandi, and percy: THANK YOU!! :D

honey my heart said...

yay for photos!! you look great.

joyce said...

The photos are gorgeous!! We're currently waiting for ours. So excited!! We're planning on making our own album too and I love Blurb ever since I stumbled upon them ages ago. But I really love your cloth-bound book wedding album idea and your mail art is incredible so I'd say go for it!!

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