30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 3, Hands

The boy will occasionally grab my hands and observe them. He tells me he loves how perfect they are, and that makes me smile.

I took a photo of his hands today while he was sleeping. (I promise I'm not creepy.)

 [The boy's hands during a nap.]

He has a habit of peeling his cuticles (totally gross) and his palms get sweaty, but I still like holding his hand all the same.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that Monday goes by FAST. We had an exhausting but fun day at Comic-Con (more on that to come!) but finished off Sunday night with a big bowl of Japanese curry and lounging on the couch.

Are you fascinated by a part of your S.O.?


lazy explorers said...

How adorable! I might have to try out a 30 day photo challenge..it seems like fun!

Xo Chloe.

t.k. said...

Hi, I was wondering how you met your guy? I love hearing stories about how couples met. I'm sure you already have a post about it, could you send me the link, if so? lol.

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