Being Happy With My Body

[Mo today vs. Mo 8 weeks ago]

I reached my goal weight just before vacation (woohoo!) and now would really like to stay here, no more, no less. Yes, I did eat a lot on our vacation (but didn't the food look good??). No, I didn't really exercise in the past week because of said vacation. I know, I'm already off to a bad start. But really, I'm tired of getting to the point of my clothes not fitting anymore and then exercising more and eating less. I've grown up eating a lot of whatever I want. It's hard to break that habit. I'm going to try to make more of an effort this time post-diet to keep exercising and eating less sugar and fat.

I also find dieting really exhausting and would love to never want to go on another one. When I'm on a diet (which to me is 1200-1400 calories a day) I am constantly thinking about food. What I can eat, what I can't eat, how my body looks from day to day. It's all consuming and altogether very tiring. In the midst of my calorie obsession, I found two websites with Asian perspectives on body image and food. They've helped me stay grounded:
Lynn Chen's personal food blog, The Actor's Diet, and her collaborative blog with Lisa LeeThick Dumpling Skin.

I'm so glad they exist. Reading other people's stories makes me realize I'm not alone, and helps put my own issues with weight into perspective. Yes, my mother's wedding cheongsams are a size 0 and do not fit me. Yes, I had a boyfriend tell me to lose 10 lbs when I thought I was thin (not the boy, thank goodness.) Yes, I'm told at family meals to eat and eat and eat but then am criticized for gaining weight.

No, I do not want other people's disparaging comments about my weight to get me down.

Yes, I am happy with my body.

And since I'm on a roll declaring things, I'd like to eat cake and not feel bad about it. Like this one.

[Inside-out Neapolitan Cake from Sweetapolita]

Wish me luck.

For more eloquent writing about Asians and body image, visit Thick Dumpling Skin.
To peak inside Lynn Chen's food world, visit her personal blog.


Alycia said...

good luck! weight loss has been a constant struggle for. the big problem w/me is I hate to cook and love to eat. Which means eating out a lot.

I hate diets too :o)

honey my heart said...

wishing you the best of luck. weight is such a touchy issue, but i think if we concentrate on health (with occasional indulgence) then we will be fine :)

Mo said...

Thanks girls. I really appreciate the support. :)
I love eating out and hate dieting too! Le sigh.

ruthy ann said...

omg! what is it about asian mothers? they keep piling on the food, get mad when you don't eat more, yet notice you're gaining weight and feel its appropriate to announce?? geez, i so feel ya!

::little projects in style:: said...

good luck hon!! i hate dieting but regular exercise is so difficult to build into daily life! (need i mention the insane amount of desserts in japan!?)

you can do it! :) *fist pump*


The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Good luck, Mo! I find this post very inspiring. Thank you for writing it.

Also, thank you for providing links to your resources. I've heard of Thick Dumpling Skin before, and I never bothered to check it out. I'm off to take a look now. Big congratulations on reaching your goal weight! You look fab! xo

Mo said...

@Carly: Thank you so much Carly!!
I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Please do check out Thick Dumpling Skin, I really do mean it when I write that reading other people's struggles with body image helped me think about my own and put things in perspective. We are all beautiful, it's nice to be reminded of it and support one another. Solidarity my Asian sister. :)

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