30 Day Photo Challenge - Days 6 and 7, Breakfast and Beauty

I'm sorry I've been absent. Things were going swimmingly well, and then I got a big burst of anxiety that set me back from doing fun blogger posts. But I'm here now, with more photos! Let's get the boring one out of the way first: breakfast. I don't eat very much for breakfast, but during winter months I drink tea and eat a bowl of oatmeal. Below is a picture I took from my desk of my meager summer breakfast.

[Day 6: My breakfast on a typical workday includes a banana and a cup of either Vietnamese coffee or a green tea latte. On this day, it was a green tea latte.]

And now the fun photo! I love beauty products. You might have noticed I just decided to continue morphing all my photos in Instagram, but for this one I feel like talking about my makeup, so I'm going to do a more extensive post with "regular" photos.

[Day 7: Contents of my makeup bag]

[My makeup! The makeup bag is peaking out from the right on that first photo.]

I tend to go for jewel tones, particularly deep purples and blues, paired with brown. You'll see that I buy a lot of stila, MAC, and benefit, but I'm now venturing out with my first Laura Mercier product. I by no means wear all of this on one day, but probably going out I'll throw it all on. Without further adieu, the makeup of a light-skinned, dark-haired Asian girl:

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation in cashew beige (This one is new in my bag. I shopped around because I wanted something creamy, and this one has been so nice. Doesn't flake, good coverage, and matches my skin tone really well)

MAC powder blush in CUBIC

MAC  mineralize in Medium

Make Up Forever High Definition Concealer

Ole Henriksen total truth eye cream (super soothing)

stila backstage eye shadow palette (a very pretty jewel-toned palette that goes well with light skin and dark hair): chiffon, flamingo, pacific, luster, poetic, coal

stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner (my fave eyeliner, I have three colors: stingray, lionfish, peacock)

benefit brow zings

Takako eyelashes

Fairy Drops mascara 

Acuvue Oasys contacts (lasek one day please)

LIPS (these aren't pictured, but I love dark, red lipstick)
benefit Wild Card

MAC Viva Glam A30 (LOVE this, a great lip color that makes my lips look 1920s glam)

Korres Cherry Gloss

essie nail polish: it's genius, clambake, rock candy, mint candy apple 

Do you have a product you can't live without?



More Than Rubies said...

Do you carry all this makeup with you in your purse/bag? I LOVE makeup and buy lots of it...But never end up wearing it. Hehe. I can't live without: 1) NARS blush in "Orgasm" 2) Clinique's lipstick in "Tenderheart" and 3) Some sort of eyeliner. I, however, have discovered a new favourite lipgloss: Too Faced's in "Sexpot."

Mo said...

Hahaha, NO! But all that makeup does fit into my makeup bag, I just don't tote it around with me. The only makeup I bring with me all day is my chapstick.
I've heard good things about NARS "Orgasm", what shade is it? I'm a blush fan, maybe it's time for a new one for me!

Katie said...

I'm glad you're back! Anxiety is a tough beast to beat.

I've never tried MAC cosmetics, even though I'm always hearing such good things about them. My general rule with make-up is that I don't have to go out of my way to buy it, but I cannot go without a light foundation (no brand loyalty, ha) and chap stick (burt's bees in summer, medicated balm in winter) for long!

More Than Rubies said...

It's a marbling of peachy/pinky with a light sparkling...It's AWESOME...Simply the best. Buy it. Do it. Now.

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

These are some of my favorite of the pictures! That mug is too cute for words, and I love all the makeup colors--especially the nail polish!

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