11 Things About Mo

Thank you to my blogger friend elephant is love for tagging me! This is quite the post, I needed to answer 11 questions about myself.

Here are the questions Chewy came up with and my answers!

1. Is there a significance behind your name? Yes--my name means “dream” in Chinese. I’m told my Dad had a dream I would be a girl, and lo and behold! Here I am. :) 

2. Your favorite color / color combination? Purple is consistently one of my favorite colors, but I love all colors of the rainbow. I’m not a huge fan of black, but if I do wear it, I like pairing it with a really bright scarf, necklace, or cardigan. 

Here are some of my favorite combinations at the moment:

 [Purple and aqua]
 [Peach and goldenrod]

 [Royal blue and seafoam green]

3. Favorite past time / thing you do to de-stress?
I love to write, take photos, make art and crafts, and explore new places (or old ones, like the beach or the zoo!) This blog is the perfect place for me to publish all my adventures and reflections. Not only is it a record of everything I see, but it's also my way of sharing my life with you.

4. What is your motto in life, or your strongest belief /value?
Hmmm...good question! I make an effort to keep an open mind, and also try not impose my values on others because what works for me certainly doesn't work for the rest of the world. I don't like upsetting people, and am sensitive to the harmony and peace in my relationships. Life is hard, we need all the help we can get from one another! I try to see things from other people's perspectives because we've all come from different walks of life. While I like to keep the peace, I have been known to make snide remarks or give a death stare for the following: 1. racism 2. homophobia 3. sexism 4. judgmental statements against myself and/or family/community 5. entitled people 6. arrogance 7. the movie National Treasure

Finally, chocolate and hugging are needed on a daily basis.

5. What is your next upcoming (exciting) project? 
Another mini book! This one is a more personal project and I'm going to write a lot for it, as opposed to my other mini books which are all photos. It's going to have a forest theme and I am really excited to use these fun materials I picked up:

6. Describe your fashion style. Post a picture, if you have one! 
I have an ultra feminine, colorful, eclectic style. Texture, bright colors, and fun accessories are all welcome in my closet. I own way too many dresses, and am a fan of ruffles, bows, and cardigans. Below are some of the items from my wardrobe.

7. Coffee or tea, or choice of morning beverage? Vietnamese coffee or milk tea please!

8. All time favorite book and/ or movie? Oh man, just one? If I HAD to choose one movie, it would be My Neighbor Totoro, which always puts a smile on my face and gives me the warm fuzzies. I don't know if I have an absolute favorite book (I feel like as a future librarian I should have one that I absolutely adore) but there are just too many in too many genres. What kind of book? Art book? Children's book? Fiction? Nonfiction? But let's see, just one...I always think fondly of the book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius because I read it when I was studying abroad and missing Berkeley. It made me a fan of Dave Eggers.

9. What music do you listen to? I typically listen to folk, indie rock, or indie pop with a female lead singer--Bird and the Bee is one of my favorite bands, and I also have Ingrid Michaelson, She and Him, Lily Allen, Fiona Apple, Rilo Kiley, Kate Nash, and Lenka on my playlist.

10. Do you prefer living in a house or an apartment? I've been living in an apartment for the past 10 years, but I really miss living in a house. I'm not a huge fan of being stacked on top of one another, and having a house would mean I could have a yard or a front porch or a garage...sigh...the possibilities.

11. What is your dream vacation? Anywhere with good food, a beautiful view, and my husband by my side.

Thanks Chewy! I had fun answering these. 



Gia said...

I LOOOOOVE the polka dotted dress!

punkychewster said...

OH I LOVE YOUR TASTE IN MUSIC! and i love your answer to qn 1! I think i may know what Mo is a derivative of now!

Mo said...

@Gia: Thank you! I love polka dots.

@punkychewster: Names are the coolest, aren't they? I feel lucky to have a cool story behind mine. :)

Terese said...

love the meaning behind your name!

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