hello 2012, I've been waiting for you

While 2011 proved to be devastating, there were some happy memories and good news for us. Here are some of the happy moments of 2011: 

+ Our marriage is still going strong, and we continue to learn more about each other every day. We've talked a lot lately, especially with my heartache, and I think we're closer than ever now. We celebrated our first year of marriage with a trip to New Mexico.

+ My sisters gave birth to beautiful baby boys, Parker and Jonah.

+ We moved into a nicer apartment and I finally have my own office space.

+ The boy and I were both awarded fellowships for our studies. During this economic nightmare, we consider ourselves lucky to have the help.

+ After a scary six weeks of my Dad being sick in the hospital (at the worst time, we were told pancreatic cancer was a possibility--it's since been ruled out--yay!), he is finally at home and regaining strength. I was able to see him over the holiday break, which was such a relief.

The big theme for me for 2012 is to look forward. Make peace with the past. Look forward to things to come. I have a lot to look forward to--in the near future I have my graduation to look forward to, and in the farther future, I see growing our home to include a house and kids.

I really liked this 2012 manifesto poster from creating clever, and so I made my own. If you made one too, I'd love to see it!

2011, go to sleep. 2012, I'm all yours.

Do we share any of the same resolutions? What are your thoughts about the past year?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Yes I am definitely taking 2012 head on! 2011 definitely had its ups and downs.
Happy new year dear!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your dad is feeling better. I hope 2012 is everything you want it to be!

Alycia said...

Those are some awesome goals for the new year!! I don't usually make resolutions but keep constant goals in mind for myself- good luck with school this semester :o)

honey my heart said...

happy new year mo! love your manifesto. i'm all for looking forward for 2012. 2011 was good for me and i'm looking to keep busy, keep working, keep creating this year.

Katie said...

I love your manifesto. I'll have to try one myself.
Although 2011 wasn't bad, I'm really relieved it's done. My husband was studying for the CPA exam (which he's now passed) and I was taking twelve hours of graduate classes while realizing that I was in the wrong degree program...I think 2012 will be good for us both. I hope it's much better for you, too!

punkychewster said...

this manifesto is such a good idea. instead of just blogging about my resolutions, i should totally print it out and stick it on the fridge where i can see it and be reminded of it constantly. gonna work on mine now!

and btw, you've been tagged!
right here


Happy New Year to you and your husband, have a fantastic 2012!

Terese said...

agreed about obsessing over the iphone. i recently deleted my personal email accounts from mine and now just check my email in the morning and evening instead of every few minutes. SO liberating!! happy 2012.

Mo said...

@Terese: I use my iPhone as my alarm, but I think I need to switch to a traditional clock again because it's the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to bed!

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