San Francisco Date Day

[I wrote this post over my break and I notice that my tone in this is rather chipper--which probably means I was having a good vacation!  Instead of revising it since I'm posting this days later after coming back home, I thought I'd keep it as is--enjoy!]

Did everyone have a good holiday? I'm still on vacation back home in Northern California, gearing up my wits and health for a great 2012. After having a bit of a panicky two weeks (I was convinced I was doing horribly in one of my classes--turns out I was fine, phew) we made the long drive from San Diego to the Bay Area and have been here since. It's been a little crazy. We've been here a week and have stayed with four different relatives and have filled our bellies at so many delicious restaurants. Such is life when we visit!

Yesterday, something unexpected happened--we had nothing planned. So the boy and I decided to take the day to frolic through San Francisco. We met in college at UC Berkeley, so San Francisco was always a special treat for us away from studying. Even after visiting so many times and living close in college, San Francisco continues to be a treat.

We started the day off at the Ferry Building, and got some Blue Bottle coffee and Acme Bread. And then we walked out to the pier and I snapped this picture:

[Blue bottle mocha and a content Mo]

We continued the day over at Koi Palace in Daly City. 

 [XO har gow, aka, spicy shrimp dumpling deliciousness]

[*drool* These are like Chinese donuts, lots of sugar and fresh out of the oven]

After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed over to the Conservatory of Flowers.  The exhibits were gorgeous, and my favorite was the special exhibit, Playland (see the pics further below.) The exhibit celebrates seaside culture in a bygone era, complete with a miniature railway exhibit, fun mirrors, a photobooth, a bumper car, and other amusement park charm. I LOVED all of the bright colors and foliage that decorated this space. I highly recommend it, and it's on display until April 15th!

I left my heart in San Francisco. I'm pretty sure it's not at my desk in San Diego, which I have to return to shortly, sigh. Hope everyone is having an easy week back at work!


BigAppleNosh said...

How fun! And I love Koi Palace!! :)

Alycia said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time :o)

The hubs and I love having a date day in SF. We live about an hour north and still cherish it as a nice treat.

trishie said...

Happy new year, Mo!
Lovely photos, i especially love the ones taken at the conservatory of flowers.

honey my heart said...

san francisco is the best!! the ferry building is one of my favorite places to pick up some quick eats, and i'm dying to see the conservatory.

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