Lunar New Year Baby Blocks

Sister 2: So wait, when are you going to start trying?
Me: After my graduation, and after the boy gets his PhD.
Sister 2: Ok, so when is that?
Me: Well, if I don't royally screw up, I graduate in June. And if the boy advances, he could potentially be done by March next year.
Sister 2: So, next year? You'll start trying next year?
Me: No, after he's done with his PhD, which isn't until...
Me: Shut up, it totally is not. *scratches head* Hm, he starts clinic in 2013...which is, hm...
Sister 2: NEXT YEAR!
Me: Whoa.
Sister 2: Don't worry, I'm sending you my books. Which ones do you have?

I suppose one could really tell that I'm having baby fever because I'm starting to research cute baby items on Etsy. This is how the wedding planning started, which then snowballed into its very own lace-covered beast!

Lunar New Year is creeping up on us and I saw these adorable animal zodiac baby blocks by bysimple and I had to share. What a beautiful keepsake for a newborn! They come in all the animals of the zodiac and also in two different illustration styles.
You can check out more at Stacy's Etsy shop.

[All items and photos from Stacy Wong of bysimple]

I envision a cute set of these in our future nursery, to be determined at a much later date!



More Than Rubies said...

OH! Adorable! I can't wait for you to start TTC! :D

Mo said...

@More Than Rubies: Awww, I can't wait either!! :)

Kendicles said...

I love this! My baby is due in March this year...it's actually the year of the golden dragon which I guess comes around every 60 years? These blocks would be perfect for our little one. Thanks for posting!

Mo said...

Congratulations Kendicles!! I'm glad you like them. :)

Julia said...

Those blocks are neat. I think it's brave of you to tell your family your baby plans - mine would have hounded me relentlessly and given me the side eye every time I turned down a glass of wine! Granted, I didn't make a habit of turning down wine, but still...

punkychewster said...

Happy Chinese New Year Mo!

Oh i am glad to hear that i'm not the only one pushing baby plans away for 'practical' reasons heh. (i'm waiting for J to graduate and get a job)

Meanwhile, my baby fever continues, but nothing i can do about it!

Have a great year of the dragon!

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