How To Make Your Korean Parents Happy

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I wish, when I was growing up, I could have read books like Lisa Yee's Millicent Min, Girl Genius and Gene Yang's American Born Chinese. It made me happy to read them, and it made me even happier having Gene Yang sign my book at the last APE and telling him how much I. LOVE. HIS. BOOK.
I pretty much poured through Millicent Min and American Born Chinese in one night, so I am excited to pick up Paula Yoo's new book, Good Enough. The jacket description starts out with "How to make your Korean parents happy", which, I think, is a pretty perfect beginning to a teen book about an Asian American girl. Plus, the cover kind of rocks.


Paula Yoo said...

Hi! Wow, thank you for your kind words, i really appreciate it! I also really love your blog and bookmarked it - girl geeks unite! xoxo Paula Yoo (myspace.com/paulayoo and paulayoo.com) ps. If you want, I can send you a signed bookplate!

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