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I'm guilty of using way too much paper and stuffing the recycle bin full of sheets in which I have made typos, fed the paper incorrectly, etc. etc. I'm also guilty of buying way too many magazines and having a panic attack when they start to pile up on the floor next to my book shelf. So it always makes me happy when I see beautiful objects made from scraps that could have easily been garbage in the recycle bin. Picapica Design has some great stuff -- check out these vases made from recycled magazine pages, and these neat bowls made from an old map of San Francisco.


mom/caryn said...

These are SO COOL!! I love them! I wonder what they do to make them waterroof... Or maybe they only hold high-end silks and don't need to be waterproof.... whatever, I'd buy one. i like em that much!

Cousin Daisy said...

You something, I saw these very vases at an independent store in downtown Santa Cruz this weekend along with Urban Outfitters....and I thought of your blog :)

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