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I despise junk mail. I open up my mailbox and usually sift through the contents and then recycle 75% of what I just received. Sometimes if I receive postcards from photography agencies I'll keep those in case I hit a wall trying to find "the perfect photo" and need some more sources...but I rarely give them a second look and usually stuff the really pretty postcards in my drawer until one day my desk begs me to clean it. And then they go in the recycling bin.

So yesterday, I received a postcard from a company I had never heard of, Jack Cards. As I was sifting through the papers and stuffing things in the recycling bin, I was about to toss the postcard from Jack Cards when something immediately jumped out at me.

They had handwritten my name and address. It wasn't typed up on a generic mailing label like all the other mail I receive, it was actually written with blue ink. My name was also spelled correctly. No one spells my name correctly. Important bills come to our apartment with my name spelled incorrectly, I receive greeting cards with my name spelled incorrectly, the guy at Starbucks spells my name incorrectly. But Jack Cards had written my name down with all the correct letters. In the right order. With the correct spacing. Amazing.

So I kept the postcard and looked up the website. And I'm so glad I did! As a great alternative to Hallmark, Jack Cards offers lots of options from independent artists and designers for all your greeting card needs. They also keep track of important dates and send you pre-stamped cards in the mail so you don't have to frantically make a trip to the store the day before your best friend's birthday. Check out the entire line at Jack Cards here.

Did I mention they hand wrote my address and spelled my name correctly?


Kim Dowds said...

I'm one of the Jack Cards co-founders and I wanted to let you in on a little secret! You have a dear friend or family member who knows how to spell your name right and they thoughtfully addressed the Jack Cards postcard to you...Double check the hand writing to see if you can recognize it (and be sure to say "Jack Cards says hello and thanks so much").

Mo said...

That's so smart! Someone out there is aware of my greeting card fascination. ;)

Thanks for the secret!

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